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Monday, August 31, 2009

Male Vs Female Control

Its a BIG sigh after finishing all my MBA papers which had been looming on my life for the last two years. It almost equivalent to the relief you get on relieving yourself after holding back peeing for a LONG...LONG...time. Honestly.

Remembering that feeling, my thoughts bumped onto a fact that a LOT of my friends mentioned to me, that Girls could control pee for a whole lot longer than Boys(!!) I was astonished. In my twelve years of science, not once had I come across this biological difference between Male and Female physiology! How was that possible. When more than five people swore by this fact, I started reasoning to myself. It could be the fact that females were designed to tolerate more pain. Hmm... Nah..

I asked Dad, my anytime Medical Dictionary. He said, False.
It is solely the fact that men have got so used to using the availability of the "Universal Urinal", the Nature; that their brains are conditioned not to hold back for long.
Whereas, girls have been "trained" not to do so! As simple as that.

So the next time, any guy whines about having a small bladder and being a poor Male. Just give them The Dirty Look.

(The pic is for representation only.. plus for practice ;) )