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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sammilan '09 -Magic Personified!

Sammilan 2009, Bangalore.

I was fortunate enough to witness this year's breath-taking International Festival presented by Kalari Academy of Performing Arts. It was just yesterday. I was too exhausted out of my wits to write about last night.
Why? I was trigger-happy. What more can a photographer ask for than picture-perfect, elegant and beautiful artists!?

I agree it spilt over a little than the scheduled time lines. But, do we ever say no to extra food on a treat? No. :)
For those of you who missed it, what am I for? Here you go, the outline of the show. Pardon me if I miss out anything but that would be only because I'm in the hurry to cover the event in a single breath.

The thrilling Theekshana choreographed by respected Ranjan sir (my guru) where the live music got people biting their lips in anxiety. A glimpse...

Roopa Ravindran from Sristi choreographed beautiful sequence presenting all Animal Poses in a engaging way to promote preservation of wildlife.

Veena, sleek and swift Veena; choreographed a Musical Combat, which by the way is my brand new favorite now with the magical combination of soft instrumental in the background of a masculine strength portrayal. Check that out!

Maja.. The Koresian Ballet artist.. Who captured the audience with her perfect balance and immense focus. Don't miss her toes. Straight as Stick!! :O

Veena's Maya.. Can you stop admiring her poise!

Oh and how can I miss, Kannada Actress Bhavana was there as the chief guest. She looked stunning in the black sari and the knotty (naughty ;)) little blouse.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Salsa, Spice and Love..

Friday. Without a doubt, my favorite day of the week. I love cooking at any time, anywhere, but today; I was IN THE MOOD.

I picked up my grocery bag and headed to another favorite, the Super Market!
As I walked through the aisles of confectioneries and juices; "Hello There.." said the sexy sauces from Karen Anand's. "O-la-la".. whispered me under my breath and filled my bag with some goodies while my brain concocted tonight's menu.

It was just yesterday that me and Prasad were discussing in absolute seriousness that its just not fair; the quantity of Nacho chips in these theatres, that comes for what hundred bucks!! What's even more unfair is that Nachos don't come cheap and easy at every store around. :|

To me, food is an art. Whatever be the ingredients, the real taste, is of love.
And of course, which art is complete without creativity. Trying out new recipes or rather inventing my own gives me the thrill of a five-year-old making a sand castle. Just like that castle, I feel cooking food should always be easy, fun and quick!

So, presenting Friday night's Menu!

1. Starters... Crackers with Salsa Sauce. You can even sprinkle some cheese on this to indulge.

2. Marinated spicy soya chunks. I loved the way the texture turned out.

3. Mixed Vegetable Spread with Bread.

4. Happy Tummies.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Appam-Sambhar Khao, QUICK GUN MURUGUN ke gun gaao!

I licked my fingers clean off the Podi Dosa. Me and Prasad both agreed coming to SouthIndies for the brunch was a prudent choice over French Quarters.

The Real Reason being: French Quarters had closed their Sunday Brunches for the time being due to the Metro Work going on right in front of their doors. I loved The French Q. Whenever they restart the buffet, they have one die-hard fan coming back for sure.

Nevertheless, competition brings out more options for consumers. So, Me and Prasad marched through the Namma Metro debris towards SouthIndies right across the road. They have used a better strategy (according to ME!) to lure hungry people interrupted by Namma Metro. They have brought down their prices to 225 + tax == :D !

By our third Podi Dosa and the first Appam, we both spoke in unison. Food was fabulous.
Taste- Check
Service-Double Check. The waiter literally never let our plates have even an inch of empty space!
Ambiance-You think I cared about that by now!

We were discussing how healthy vegetarian food can be and especially South Indian cuisines when it came to a quickie breakfast. I completely swore by that fact and proceeded to order my next coin parantha. It was Kerala speciality, how can I betray the food of my mother land?
Although when the coin parantha came in, it was I agree a little bigger than a coin. Maybe a few coins put together and squashed under the railway tracks.

By the time we waded through the sambhar-dosa-chutney, appam-stew, pulav and gallons of chutney-podi-with-ghee-which-you-must-eat-with-every-bite...we looked content. Not to mention the payasam and ice cream, which maintained the quality & our expectations.
I topped it all with the filter-coffee!

(Pics borrowed from some fellow bloggers for depicting the food from heaven)

We walked back lazily to the car and drove back home.
I leaped into my bed for my Sunday siesta wondering, They must have kept the caffeine dose at the end of the meal for a reason.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Iron(y) Maiden... :|

I reached office listening to the radio. It played, "I believe I can fly.."
What if I could? With all that flight sickness I have! I would be flying around with a ton of air sickness bags. Ewww.

I am no good at the sea either. In fact, any mode of transportation, extending beyond a few hours at a stretch, leaves me bundled up in one corner with a pale face. This is so ironic because I love to see places. I love seeings new places, new things, finding beauty in the simplest of things.

My stomach; hates me for this liking of mine. I am the kinds who can spin into bouts of retching at the sight of an unhygienic place. Leave alone touching the food there. But then again, I love food. I love trying new dishes. I envy people who have the tummy of a stone crusher and relish even the road-side chat.

This is absolute Irony. Its like your favorite piece of cake falling down face first. Or, the last nut in the bag turning out to be stale. Or, the electricity going away just when you gather your lazy bones to iron your weekly quota of clothes. Or, the only shoe you loved in the shop of thousands, not having your size.


I have been onto novels now for a little while. I guess its because although I cribbed and whined about doing my MBA, it has sort of got me used to reading before I go to sleep. ;)

Suchitra has been my library. Right now, I am reading, "Eat, Pray, Love".

Beauty. Love. Desire. Realization. You can't stop thinking of these if you ever get to read this. I have never been the novel-reading kinds. Those who know me well, will swear by that fact. And guess what, as I proceeded in the novel, I see the novelist say the same things as me, she's a traveler with a constitution as weak as of a premature fetus. But, she travels.

I suddenly feel good about myself. I keep the book aside and sleep with a smile.

Friday, November 13, 2009

On the table top...

You just can't deny it, meetings can be a real dud sometimes. Especially, corporate.
I have seen an instance where it was supposed to be a day-off-work meant for employees to rewind and relax. They were taken to a beautiful resort with amazing landscapes, a swimming pool, board games, outdoor games and (behold!) a big conference room.
Conference ROOM!? You must be wondering my dear friends. Yes, everyone was locked up there for the next four hours and presented slides by all managers about how to make the place fun.
...No comments.

Don't be judgemental and conclude that I don't pay attention in meetings (I even take notes as proof!). But, there are so many distracting agents and lets accept it, monologue meetings are the undisputed winners in this category.

Things you DON'T want in a meeting:
1. Coffee slurrrper sitting next to you.
2. Nail-biter sitting next to you, for that matter anywhere in your frame of vision (Eww gross!)
3. Leg shaker anywhere near the table. The last thing you want is to feel the seismic vibrations coming all the way from a restless colleague while you're already battling a post-lunch meeting.
4. A "Same-Word-Repeater-Speaker". "OK!", "You getting me?", "Basically". I know we all do it, but as audience, by the time you're done with the hour long talk with all the OKs, you are ready to shoot yourself at the next "OK!". :|
5. What you DEFINITELY don't want is; to be the last person in the row. Here's the thing, the first person at the table bends over to see the projection ahead. So, does the next and next and so on. So, you better be sitting on the table top if you are the last person at the table!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fashion ka hai yeh jalwa..

The last time I had participated in a fashion show was back in school.
It was a cheesy, wanna-be, teenage performance. But, it was fun.

Well, I did it again. This time at work and with just double the crowd. Although I have always loved dressing up, I would say the conditions around me weren't that flattering for the occasion.

1. Thirty-minutes-FLAT to change.

2. Loads of make-up. I've been told natural goes the best on me. At least most of my close ones tell me not to scare them with red lipstick.

3. Rain. Rain. Rain.

4. A kaput Green Room. Now I must say, that the organizers took the term 'Green' Room too literally, coz it was on Grass! People, someone's wearing a two grand stilettos here!

5. Two-Grand Stilettos. Not the price. But, the height.

6. The wind. Wind is welcome when it flies kites, not skirts.

Putting all the above factors in a blender and what do you have;

1. Wet stage...Get ready to see some skating championship!
2. Drenched green room remains.
3. Me running around with stilettos in hand and skirt tucked between legs.
4. Make-up? Who cares! Didn't you read the point 3!!!

However, things are always not as bad as I make them sound. Although last picture is the supporter of my 'Go-Natural strategy'.