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Friday, January 29, 2010

Wacky Wheels!!

I was walking down the beauty parlour stairs when I missed a step and consequently, a heartbeat.

Zero-gravity has stupefying effects on our bodies. It excites us at the same time as it makes a knot in the tummy. Just like when an elevator comes down real swift or best-of-all, a roll down the Giant Wheel. We dread it yet, love it.

According to me, the Giant Wheel is the reason we go to these carnivals. Don't we?

I remember every time I would grow old waiting in the queues just to get my turn for the Giant Wheel. When I would get on it, I convert into a bio-hazard for people around me. My shrieks can deafen a bat. Even if my neighbours are not panicking, my screams do make them hyperventilate.

I myself, remain in no state to be consoled. The screeches come out involuntarily, you see. Its a record, I scream my throat to soreness.

People have varying reactions to this Zilch-Gravity situation.
1. I see some people laugh. Not just a giggle or chuckle, but a maniac laugh. I feel its just a cover to hide the chattering of their teeth with fear.
2. Some, just go numb. Like one of my friends did. I feared she'd passed out or maybe worse. :|
3. Some people, I confess are not a pretty sight. Post-Giant-Wheel sessions, I remember carefully avoiding the throw-ups decorated on the ground. This is a fiddly task to accomplish, keeping in mind that you've just been whipped out of a centrifuge.
4. Fourth category of people are the ones who just have fun. Invariably, they fall into the above three categories. :)

But my worst fear while boarding the Wheel hasn't been being thrown off catapulted in some freak accident. Its more on the lines of being the target of some one's heave who's above me. (Holy God). That would just be such a wet blanket on the fun. I mean 'literally'. I still wouldn't mind if I was the butt of someone's dangling footwear. But, I can live without any of these.

Despite of all these apprehensions of height and centrifugal motions, we all love these Giant Swings. So much so, that I remember when I went to this fete in China. I was shaking even while purchasing the ticket. I was screaming already by the time they strapped us into the seat. I was going berserk by the time the motor buzzed in the wacky wheel. This was supposed to take us high and drop us down in...Zero-Gravity(OMG! OMG! OMG!). It went up gradually and I think I had lost my vocal chords by then and my friends, their ear drums.

After all the screaming and crying and rampaging, the dim-witted wheel came down with a plop and we were asked to get off!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Wedding Woes a.k.a Vows ;)

My sister was sent off in a beautiful ceremony which was an absolute concoction of Gujrati, Punjabi and Mallu traditions.

She was adorned with Mehendi (Henna) in a strenous but memorable ceremony..

She wore the beautiful punjabi chuda.. The red and white handful of bangles. They signify love but more simply put, the marital status of a woman. :)

The ceremonies commenced at only five in the morning that day. My ear-to-ear yawns were intervened by the smudging of holy kumkum and turmeric on our faces. The red kumkum was supposed to be very pure. So pure, that it did not come off my sister's face until the next day. In order to cover up that redness, her face was painted with multiple layers of make-up; which again didn't come off for another day.

Her wedding saree was gorgeous, hand-picked, traditional-Gujrati. It only weighed about 10 kgs. 10 kgs multiplied by 8 hours, you can do the calculation of her weight-lifting skills for her wedding championship.

It was foodie-heaven for the last two weeks. But when you have the backing of sweat, two weeks of erractic sleep pattern, sentimental emotional spikes and make-up beads dropping from forehead; you are no foodie anymore.

We sent her off (Bidaai) at around 12 in the night that day. I knew we'd all have a headache later with all that weeping. But we wept. After all, we were sending off our doting first born of the family. I slipped in a Crocin for my sister in her bag as well. I know her.

Mom Dad and I didn't sleep the whole night. I don't know if we were emotional or just way too exhausted to slip into slumber. All of us spent the next day in a woozy state; cleaning up the mess, luggage, flowers, dresses etc. Yeah, I agree, we were msising her already.

We had a party for the newly-weds the next day. My sister and Jiju (Bro-in-law) arrived. She looked happy. Mom Dad looked happy. Finally, that night; I slept...with a smile.

Wish them both a blessed married life.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Paranormally Active

Since my sister is going to be married by this time, next week; we decided to do a late night. Old times sake. :)

We usually pick up a horror flick for our late nights. So, this time it was Paranormal Activity.

Have I told this before? I'm so not a night person. I'm the kinds you would find waking up people in the morning with pom-poms. Yeah, I'm a morning girl. :D So our ingenius plan of late night coupled with my biological morning routine didn't do too good to my brain.

A little about Paranormal Activity.
Katie and Micah are bothered by these noises and unexplainable or demonic happenings in their house. To me, Katie was sweet, VERY natural in her reactions to all the freaking-out over the spooky proceedings. I liked the fact that she's also quite natural with her dressing, hair-do, make-up, her weight ;) , she's done a good job. Micah on the other hand, I felt was a TOTAL jerk. He totally deserves what he got. In fact, I feel the ghost should've taught him a better lesson. Who goes about screaming at the ghost and provoking it instead of reassuring your girlfriend.
I'd definitely have to kill such a boyfriend with my own bare hands. :|

I'm the kinds who won't scream during these eerie flicks, but yes, I'll definitely have a date with nightmares and spook my room mate later. What I hate is the anticipation for fear more than the real scary scenes.

I remember going to the Scary House in Garuda Mall here with Prasad. I had my nails half way through his skin by the end of the tour and an overly sore throat. Whoever has been to this place, KNOWS its not scary. I know it too. But yes, its the anticipation of SCARINESS that kills me.

After 85 minutes of the movie and shutting down the laptop at around 2 AM, I was wide-eyed and wide-awake. The last scene was a hard punch on my sleepy eyes. My sister kissed me goodnight and just slipped into deep slumber.

I, on the contrary, was busy being careful of every limb of mine. The movie had taught my brain not to let loose your foot hanging out of the bed...Nah..never do that. And, watch out for those shadows near the window or doors. At around 2:30 AM I was seeing some shape near the door now, oh my God, oh wait a minute, was it just my tired brain? In next fifteen minutes, my ears were hearing/imagining all the noises around the bedroom.

Finally at three in the morning, I gave up; my paranormally active brain was too tired to even imagine. Next thing I heard was the alarm at 8 AM. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Emotional Atyachaar...

Wedding season.. emotional season.

Being in a house full of women, you know what that means. Now my sister is getting married. The elder daughter of the house, the doting elder sister, the teenage rebel, the pampered-first-child, papa's-princess. You got the picture?

Yeah! Bring on the emotions!

Around the house you'll find all moods and feelings in every different room.

1. There's the Good-Old-Memory section; that would be mostly digging out of old memories while cleaning up shelves and hugging each other with nostalgia.

2. There's I-Don't-see-No-Fire section; this would be the set of people who don't realize the urgency of the situation. Despite of the piles of gift wrappers, loads of clothes, packing materials, wedding cards strewn around, sarees and perhaps hundred other elements of the bride's constume; they're cool cucumbers.

3. The other extreme; the Panic-Struck people; This constitues mostly of the parents who sit on the panic-button couple of months in advance. No matter how well-paced your preparation is going on, they are always mentally fire-fighting wedding chores.

4. The Boo-Hoo section. This is the most commonly found emotion in a wedding home. Its inevitable, the best of us land up in this section sometimes; yes, the weepies.

5. The Shopaholic section. Girls are primary and life-time members of this club. The two highlighted emotions of these members are ecstatic or shocked-with-credit-card-bills.

6. The best and the most prominent emotion of the abode is HAPPINESS. Its prevailing so much so that the house almost resembles the Brady Bunch! *<|:)


Thursday, January 7, 2010

They say "Wisdom doesn't come easy". I agree.

Today I woke up with a swollen face. I knew what was going on. My wisdom has been popping out in absolutely erractic directions (psst..shows the orientation of my prudence :) ).

Wisdom History:
I've had two healthy teeth extracted earlier.
Today, the dentist told me, its the third time luck. :} Congrats, your third wisdom tooth is out.

It dawned on me to have some food only when my lips were half numb and flapping against my teeth like a dog ear. I was outside the dentist's office waiting for my turn. By then I was too anxious to swallow even my saliva down my throat. Besides, the ulcers and stinging pain due to the wretched Wisdom didn't make it any easier for me.

The doctor was sweet and efficient. Although, his descriptions of the process weren't too sugary for my imagination. He would tell me if the next upcoming stinging pain would be of a female or a male mosquito. Or, if the next sensation would be of a lil' elephant trampling my tooth. Now, lets face it, making the fictionary elephant 'lil' didn't help the situation. I was already imagining it.

But, I did not even come to know when the doc pulled out the tooth! I only recognized the achievement when he flung the tooth in front of me joking that I could gift it to my boyfriend as a part-of-me-other-than-heart. I was too panicked to appreciate any humor.

I drove home merrily, oblivious of any pain. Wow! I thought to myself, this doc was a magician who took out the tooth by just putting a magic potion!

I reached home to be greeted by my mom with cups of ice cream and an ice pack for my now-swollen face. It was all well for another two hours while I slept. Its when I woke up, I realized someday had whacked the daylights outta my head. But my stomach growled for food, I grabbed the food-at-sight and took the first bite, against the wishes of my Wisdom.

Result? Ouch! :( The magic potion had worn off, perhaps.

Some people, just don't grow despite of all wordly Wisdom.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chetan Vs Aamir

I slammed down the newspaper and sipped on my tea.

Now come on people, this is crazy. I have two of my favorite public figures whom I happen to like for once and they are fighting like five year olds!

I've made it quite clear that I've never been the book reading types. But since a few months, I've been showing signs of aging, i.e. expressing interest in good things in life, appreciating peace of mind and stopping by to smell the roses etc.

I've been picking up books; to READ FOR PLEASURE. :)

Chetan Bhagat happens to be one of my favorites, cause I can relate to him. Rather, its like he can relate to me! He's so casual yet fast-paced in his books, just the way I would like to tell a tale. To the extent of astonishment, I've read all his books (W.O.W!)
(Psst...I love his wife.)

I adore his book Five Point Someone (F.P.S) so much that I was eagerly waiting for the movie Three Idiots to release.

The minute I saw the first promo, I knew they had twisted the tale. That's bound to happen when a book is adapted. Also, a major reason is; the main character of the book does get the heroine but he's definitely not the most coolest dude around. In fact, the role Madhavan plays in the movie is the one who is the creative, cool, non-heroine-achiever and unconventional bugger.

I've gotta tell you that Aamir's name in the movie, Rancho definitely reminds me of Rancho the Monkey in Raja and Rancho, that Doordarshan sitcom. Eeeks!

Now, when the director of Three Idiots claims that the movie is ORIGINAL and asked the reporters to Shut Up! ; I would like to state the following;

1. Duh.
2. The same story of the novel COULD'NT have been possibly used as Aamir being the STAR cannot obviously be the non-macho character.
3. So, Aamir gets the girl as well as gets to be the smart idiot!
4. Thus, please don't say that the movie is original and make me lose all respect for Aamir's work. :\
5. Chetan and Aamir; don't be idiots, patch up. :)