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Friday, January 15, 2010

Paranormally Active

Since my sister is going to be married by this time, next week; we decided to do a late night. Old times sake. :)

We usually pick up a horror flick for our late nights. So, this time it was Paranormal Activity.

Have I told this before? I'm so not a night person. I'm the kinds you would find waking up people in the morning with pom-poms. Yeah, I'm a morning girl. :D So our ingenius plan of late night coupled with my biological morning routine didn't do too good to my brain.

A little about Paranormal Activity.
Katie and Micah are bothered by these noises and unexplainable or demonic happenings in their house. To me, Katie was sweet, VERY natural in her reactions to all the freaking-out over the spooky proceedings. I liked the fact that she's also quite natural with her dressing, hair-do, make-up, her weight ;) , she's done a good job. Micah on the other hand, I felt was a TOTAL jerk. He totally deserves what he got. In fact, I feel the ghost should've taught him a better lesson. Who goes about screaming at the ghost and provoking it instead of reassuring your girlfriend.
I'd definitely have to kill such a boyfriend with my own bare hands. :|

I'm the kinds who won't scream during these eerie flicks, but yes, I'll definitely have a date with nightmares and spook my room mate later. What I hate is the anticipation for fear more than the real scary scenes.

I remember going to the Scary House in Garuda Mall here with Prasad. I had my nails half way through his skin by the end of the tour and an overly sore throat. Whoever has been to this place, KNOWS its not scary. I know it too. But yes, its the anticipation of SCARINESS that kills me.

After 85 minutes of the movie and shutting down the laptop at around 2 AM, I was wide-eyed and wide-awake. The last scene was a hard punch on my sleepy eyes. My sister kissed me goodnight and just slipped into deep slumber.

I, on the contrary, was busy being careful of every limb of mine. The movie had taught my brain not to let loose your foot hanging out of the bed...Nah..never do that. And, watch out for those shadows near the window or doors. At around 2:30 AM I was seeing some shape near the door now, oh my God, oh wait a minute, was it just my tired brain? In next fifteen minutes, my ears were hearing/imagining all the noises around the bedroom.

Finally at three in the morning, I gave up; my paranormally active brain was too tired to even imagine. Next thing I heard was the alarm at 8 AM. :)

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