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Thursday, January 7, 2010

They say "Wisdom doesn't come easy". I agree.

Today I woke up with a swollen face. I knew what was going on. My wisdom has been popping out in absolutely erractic directions (psst..shows the orientation of my prudence :) ).

Wisdom History:
I've had two healthy teeth extracted earlier.
Today, the dentist told me, its the third time luck. :} Congrats, your third wisdom tooth is out.

It dawned on me to have some food only when my lips were half numb and flapping against my teeth like a dog ear. I was outside the dentist's office waiting for my turn. By then I was too anxious to swallow even my saliva down my throat. Besides, the ulcers and stinging pain due to the wretched Wisdom didn't make it any easier for me.

The doctor was sweet and efficient. Although, his descriptions of the process weren't too sugary for my imagination. He would tell me if the next upcoming stinging pain would be of a female or a male mosquito. Or, if the next sensation would be of a lil' elephant trampling my tooth. Now, lets face it, making the fictionary elephant 'lil' didn't help the situation. I was already imagining it.

But, I did not even come to know when the doc pulled out the tooth! I only recognized the achievement when he flung the tooth in front of me joking that I could gift it to my boyfriend as a part-of-me-other-than-heart. I was too panicked to appreciate any humor.

I drove home merrily, oblivious of any pain. Wow! I thought to myself, this doc was a magician who took out the tooth by just putting a magic potion!

I reached home to be greeted by my mom with cups of ice cream and an ice pack for my now-swollen face. It was all well for another two hours while I slept. Its when I woke up, I realized someday had whacked the daylights outta my head. But my stomach growled for food, I grabbed the food-at-sight and took the first bite, against the wishes of my Wisdom.

Result? Ouch! :( The magic potion had worn off, perhaps.

Some people, just don't grow despite of all wordly Wisdom.

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