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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Emotional Atyachaar...

Wedding season.. emotional season.

Being in a house full of women, you know what that means. Now my sister is getting married. The elder daughter of the house, the doting elder sister, the teenage rebel, the pampered-first-child, papa's-princess. You got the picture?

Yeah! Bring on the emotions!

Around the house you'll find all moods and feelings in every different room.

1. There's the Good-Old-Memory section; that would be mostly digging out of old memories while cleaning up shelves and hugging each other with nostalgia.

2. There's I-Don't-see-No-Fire section; this would be the set of people who don't realize the urgency of the situation. Despite of the piles of gift wrappers, loads of clothes, packing materials, wedding cards strewn around, sarees and perhaps hundred other elements of the bride's constume; they're cool cucumbers.

3. The other extreme; the Panic-Struck people; This constitues mostly of the parents who sit on the panic-button couple of months in advance. No matter how well-paced your preparation is going on, they are always mentally fire-fighting wedding chores.

4. The Boo-Hoo section. This is the most commonly found emotion in a wedding home. Its inevitable, the best of us land up in this section sometimes; yes, the weepies.

5. The Shopaholic section. Girls are primary and life-time members of this club. The two highlighted emotions of these members are ecstatic or shocked-with-credit-card-bills.

6. The best and the most prominent emotion of the abode is HAPPINESS. Its prevailing so much so that the house almost resembles the Brady Bunch! *<|:)



Carol said...

hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa I just came back from my Close friends wedding i can relate.. I wonder how our weddings would be ....

Dee said...

hahaha.. My imagination is running wild at the thought of it.. :))

Dee said...

hahaha.. My imagination is running wild at the thought of it.. :))