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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Window Seat is Mine!

There is an unspoken bond between kids and a window seat.
Be it car, bus, train, aircraft, classroom...anywhere. Its the window way or no way.
It was almost an art how we would throw in our bags from outside the school bus, to block the Window Seat.

(Pic for representation only)

Somehow, I have always been the compromising one on this front. With friends, siblings, classmates; I prefered rather being squashed in the center than being smashed up against the window in the car rear seat.

(Pic for representation only)

I just don't get it.

Some people say, they love to feel the fresh air on their face. Umm, can't be JUST that, coz nope, aeroplanes don't allow that. Some say, its to see the scenary around. I really wonder, HOW much can you grasp out of that small window in a moving bus! So, I compromise to the center seats again.

Although, I figured, Window Seats ARE better, for they give better support to take a good nap. Nevertheless, I still catch my travel naps. They are slumber-icious!!...especially since the bus is is rocking your cradle. What more can you ask for?

As fate wanted, I ended up near a window seat at my office too.
Well, geographically AND ergonomically, I must say that its one heck of a place. Its right near the pantry, very close to the loo ( far enough to keep the intoxicating aromas away), near the aisle where people keep their sweets n' snacks on any occasion...Its right next to the Window. Basically, its the seat everyone envies. Its a definite keeper.

I loved it too. Until...it become the Adda..you know..the place-around-the-corner-where-everybody-who-is-anybody-hangs-out.

Now, what I don't get about this Human-Window relationship is its huge impact on the work culture in scenarios like mine. It is baffling to see that people can't stay away from the Window!

1. They get a call, its gotta be attended near the Window.
2. They wana sip on caffeine, gotta be the Window.
3. Gotta catch up on friend-cum-colleague, Window.
4. Exchange few notes on work, You know where.

I mean, we have like 40 conference rooms and like 20 phone booths. Nope, the Human-Window liaison overpowers this and draws the Homo sapiens towards the light..the pane.

Such a strong force of nature has made me re-think my choice of Seat over the past year. With the ever-reducing call rates; The ever-growing open communication channels in groups in work culture; these must be nice fancy terms but to my brain, they are just directly proportional to the number of Window visits...which in turn is directly proportional to ever-increasing hours of blethering!! :\

I am very well aware that my dear friends must be following My Squiggle and I request, do not get astonished ; PLEASE do not take offense ( cause I don't intend it :) ); Do Not feel bad; JUST...Get the hint. ;)

(Pic for representation only)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The (Perfect) Jeans?

You ask ANY of these celebrities on any of these talk shows, "What are you most comfortable in?"
Pat comes the answer, "My old blue jeans with a white tee". (Of course except some happening hotties who prefer to say.."My skin" ;) )

What is it about Jeans that has got the WHOLE world wearing them. I think they are second only to undergarments, in being the most popularly and widely worn apparel!

I think I got my first pair of Jeans when I was just 5 or something. Although, back then, it was just something that I had to put on. Now, Oh..Now, its Whole lot MORE.

Its incredible how these Jeans companies have managed to fit in the Entire population of the world into these two-some pairs. I agree we all came into this world, looking Pretty Much the same. But, no matter what shape or size we're as adults, we always end up finding a pair for ourselves! Its literally commendable.

(Picture courtesy Google search. Just for representation purposes)
Everytime you've to pick up a pair of Jeans, you undergo a dilemma of which One? These Jeans companies make sure that they lure you to ALL the brands, putting up advertisements of these absolute stunners who look even more hotter in those amazzzing pair of Jeans! You end up feeling that particular pair is The One. Your Soulmate.

(Picture courtesy Google search. Just for representation purposes)
But ordeal starts when you enter the Jeans Store.

Now, lets face it. Jeans companies are no fools right. They gotta earn their bread and butter. They make sure, somehow, that the jeans that you feel like your second skin today...tomorrow, you are bound to be wanting to shed that layer of snake skin! I don't have evidence to back that up. But, its true.

(Picture courtesy Google search. Just for representation purposes)
I have found many pairs like those. I look a fanta-bulous in those that day. The very next day, I catch a bug in its design. Not just me, I have met many fellow-females who've encountered this issue for years.

Solution: Buy more pairs. As many different ones as possible. Each one will have its day. Trust me.
Result: Happy You. Jeans company happy too. :)