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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The (Perfect) Jeans?

You ask ANY of these celebrities on any of these talk shows, "What are you most comfortable in?"
Pat comes the answer, "My old blue jeans with a white tee". (Of course except some happening hotties who prefer to say.."My skin" ;) )

What is it about Jeans that has got the WHOLE world wearing them. I think they are second only to undergarments, in being the most popularly and widely worn apparel!

I think I got my first pair of Jeans when I was just 5 or something. Although, back then, it was just something that I had to put on. Now, Oh..Now, its Whole lot MORE.

Its incredible how these Jeans companies have managed to fit in the Entire population of the world into these two-some pairs. I agree we all came into this world, looking Pretty Much the same. But, no matter what shape or size we're as adults, we always end up finding a pair for ourselves! Its literally commendable.

(Picture courtesy Google search. Just for representation purposes)
Everytime you've to pick up a pair of Jeans, you undergo a dilemma of which One? These Jeans companies make sure that they lure you to ALL the brands, putting up advertisements of these absolute stunners who look even more hotter in those amazzzing pair of Jeans! You end up feeling that particular pair is The One. Your Soulmate.

(Picture courtesy Google search. Just for representation purposes)
But ordeal starts when you enter the Jeans Store.

Now, lets face it. Jeans companies are no fools right. They gotta earn their bread and butter. They make sure, somehow, that the jeans that you feel like your second skin today...tomorrow, you are bound to be wanting to shed that layer of snake skin! I don't have evidence to back that up. But, its true.

(Picture courtesy Google search. Just for representation purposes)
I have found many pairs like those. I look a fanta-bulous in those that day. The very next day, I catch a bug in its design. Not just me, I have met many fellow-females who've encountered this issue for years.

Solution: Buy more pairs. As many different ones as possible. Each one will have its day. Trust me.
Result: Happy You. Jeans company happy too. :)


Insignia said...

Rightly said... I am still searching for that perfect pair..First day it fits you to tee..but later on..you find flaws. Is that wrong with the jeans or with us :-P

Dee said...

Hehe.. That my friend..is "the" question.. which will never be resolved :)