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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans..

Exactly 4 months since my last post;
- I'm married! Mrs.Bhat now.

- I'm an aunt! Trust me, this might look effortless to become an aunt, i.e., I didn't really push that baby out of my womb, but Phew! I was emotionally and physcialy almost there and here's the tiny little bundle, literally.

- I'm 2 kgs more than I used to be. :|
Note: I do not wish to display that pictorially.

- I stayed out of the house through out the night, carefree!

- I gambled in a casino! ( Don't gasp! legal one of course). Beautiful cruise at Goa called the Casino Royale.

- I'm more knowledgeable about house keeping, music ( I THINK), movies, video games, actor names (which I never earlier bothered to read) and Mangalorean food.
I shall definitely put some recipes up soon. :)

- I learnt making Non-Veg food, which I must modestly confess, was really finger-licking-good!

- I learnt that midnight snack can be had at three in the morning as well. Or at five in the morning, depending on what you call your night-hours.

- Celebrated Graphicurry (www.graphicurry.com) turning 1 year old. Prasad's one year of absolute hard work, determination and efforts is now a year old and touch wood, will go places.

- I went to Goa TWICE and wish to go again and again..

- So many thoughts, so many events.. I just didn't know where to start and blog it all out. But, here I am. And its gonna keep coming now on. Since there has been so much happening in the past few months, I have just so much to share!

So, I decided to put up some sneak peeks into the scene with random pictures because, well... a picture is worth thousand words. Right? :)