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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sleeping with a smile..

I woke up smiling today. At nine o' clock (I think I haven't done that late in ages!)!! \m/
Just that I took another crawling step towards completion of my PGDBA! So, I decided to spoil myself today. I needed to break out wild and paint the town red.
Well, not exactly..but, I still did my own bit. :)

1. I made Palak Paneer. No boasting but it not only looked stunning, it melted in my mouth as well. :D

2. I dressed up, rather dolled up. Which btw, din't last beyond point 3. /:|
3. I went over to Ayesha's place. We clicked some great pics of hers.
4. I went with Ayesha and Ashrita first to Commercial Streets.
5. Then to Brigades.
6. We ate orgasmic Dosa and Pulimunchi Chicken at Peco's. Although there were some bunch of weirdos around, I stuffed up to my throat before we left the place.
7. I came back and saw Ice Age Three. Super Cute movie for light fun & a hearty
laugh. Thanks Suchi for passing this on. I just love Sid the Sloth.

Another random, vague yet happy-incident-of-the-day was bumping into Prasad while on a traffic signal (which is not unusual in Bangalore Traffic you see), while he played a FLUTE (!???) Yes, that explains why I called it vague. LOL. I know, its not the description of my psychotic dreams, we just have a knack of bumping into each other at all odd times and MOSTLY peculiar situations. >:)

In general, I spent not a single minute of the day studying, which I think is after a couple of months. And I don't feel guilty about it ( I might just feel so tomorrow :| ).

Until then, signing out with a smile. :) Goo Goo

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mooche ho to nathulal jaisi...

...warna ho hi na..

Recently my brother went for the clean shaven look. After being the object of ridicule for almost a week at his work, now we've grown used to the unpopulated area on his face.

I'd say you shouldn't consider swiping it clean in one shot unless you want to walk around covering your mouth for a while and have people reading your lips while you talk! So usually the strategic move of going from Heavy Mooch (Moustache) to No Mooch is PHASING IT OUT.
One day the Heavy-Mooch-Guy comes with a properly trimmed one.
Day Two its thinner than usual.
Day Three you ponder whether he always had a one-liner Mooch.
Day Four, you pass by The-Earlier-Heavy-Mooch-Now-Clean-Shaven Guy and wonder, he looks different doesn't he? :\

All a game of Optical Illusions, I would conclude.

But we all have to agree that a Moustache becomes a part of the identity. Its equivalent to a archetypal haircut or a typical beard or even model side burns! People start recognizing you with it. (Psst...they even keep your names to go with it). Although I do feel that a Moustache should be either all the way or no way. Just like my opinion about shoes, they should be either an absolute HIGH heels or a super flat sandal. No 50-50.

We were eating at Chowka, place known for hard-core Rajasthani food (authentic sumptuous food for just 100/- !! ) and Prasad wouldn't stop cracking up about the fact that some absolute Chikna guys in the Rajasthani attire were serving us the food! He wanted a huge curled-up Mooch on all of them to complete the look. Just like he wanted a French Beard for all the waiters at the French Quarters!! LOL.

This just makes me realize how much a small thing like moustache chip in to the guise of a person! I see it on myself when I haven't visited the parlor for a month! :{)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


The digital clock on my comp strikes 4:50 P.M; I latch my drawer and sprint down the stairway. Only to find the ladies changing room clogged as usual.

The Aerobics class starts at five but almost as a silent agreement, the late arrival by me and my Instructor are always mutually exclusive. Besides, I feel its a much higher level "universal conspiracy" that the day I am the first one to arrive to the class, the session is invariably called off. X|

I think the last time we had this kind of rush to be in the front row was back in school. Of course, you get the best view of "yourself" in the MIRROR! YOURSELF. Although, its not a very pretty sight after precisely thirty minutes when watch your flushed face and legs & hands moving sinusoidal.

Another thing about my Instructor & me is, our level of telepathy. Yeah! Its just incredible how he knows which Body Part is in excruciating pain & INDEED decides to work on that EVEN MORE.
They say working those muscles will make them stronger. Yeah I will confirm on that when I rub the Moov on my sprains in the night!!

O.K. Done cribbing :) , its not AS BAD as it sounds. There are days when the instructor includes dance steps into the regime. It sure is a laugh riot. Watching the bunch of guys struggle. LOL. I know that's just being mean but, we gotta accept, girls can never be THAT bad.
What makes it worse is you almost start feeling heroic until you get a glimpse of yourself dancing while jumping on the Aerobic Stepper. You can only see a dancing Kangaroo.

Yet, all in all, I feel these sessions are good stress busters and I am sure most of us who have a daily workout session feel the same. And it doesn't bother me when I crawl outta the class sipping on water hydrating my body back to humanly critical levels.

(Yeah Right, I WISH we looked like THAT!! But, pic for representation purpose only :| )

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Belly Dancing. That's been center of my conversation for the last two weeks now.
One of my friends, (not to mention, a hot looking babe ;) ) told me that she's been going for them here in namma Bengaluru!

(Pic for Representation only :) )

Being a die-hard fan of dancing, this form of dance has obviously always got a lot of attention from me. Not to mention the grace and beauty that it integrates which are the epitome of a woman. So after I came back home that day, I looked up on the net about this enticing art form.

Some facts that rung a bell or two in my head:

1. My first encounter of a beautiful lady doing the shaky thing was when I had SNEAKED in on a scene from James Bond's "The Man With The Golden Gun" where this belly dancer Saida uses a spent bullet fitted into her navel as an ornament, which Bond accidentally swallows while trying to retrieve it from her. LOL. I found the same on Wiki! WOW. The facts you find on net.

2. This dance was ORIGINALLY from Iraq. But, I wasn't completely wrong about Arab being a major contributor as well. They are next in line along with Egypt for the best Belly dancers in the world.

3. Men do belly dance TOO!! Now Prasad won't be disappointed after all. (Yayii).

4. A single session of Belly Dancing class is not just a great cardiovascular exercise, it burns almost 400 calories as well. Not bad at all.

5. This would be the icing of the cake for MiLadies;
- Helps ease Menstruation troubles. Say Bye-Bye to Best Friend troubles.
- Makes you ready for GENTLE child birth! ( I don't know HOW GENTLE 'can' it getting a human out of you be, nevertheless, worth a try ;) )

6. SHAKIRA is listed as our SUPERSTAR for Latino-American belly dancer. Yeah, we do need to give her some credit, she's not only revived this art form, she's also professionally trained in it unlike Mallika Sherawat doing the Anything-But-Belly-Dancing in song 'Maiya Maiya' from the movie Guru. Just look at her; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrhxBsHkaNk.

And yes, P.S. A huge Jelly Belly is NOT a pre-requisite for joining these classes, unlike what was told to me by Prasad. :\

Monday, July 6, 2009

New-York New-York

Its four in the evening.
As they told in the Perk ad, "iske to chaar baj gaye" :|
Hunger pangs ripping my stomach apart.

All I can remember is; New York Cheesecake that I had last night at Desmonds.

The restaurant was packed at Sunday night with a mixed crowd and Mr. Desmonds asked us to wait outside. When we got the table, I almost galloped to it and I think it was attributed to the momentum gained by the rats rebelling in my tummy.

I was whining with hunger from afternoon and finally we had decided to eat out.
It was a long, long wait from the Murukku, to the Kurkure, to the Lime soda, to the starters...finally I think I might have passed out by the time the dinner was served.
I was woken up by the aroma of Tandoori Platter.
The main course followed it.

I must say, full marks to the Chicken Lasagna. Beautiful creation and so creamy that I think I almost had a tear with happiness. Of course on the rich side, but don't tell me you expect a diet-conscious lasagna! ;)

By the time I was stuffed till the top, Suchi ordered for the New York Cheesecake ( Oh did I mention the Chicken Lasagna was her pick! I love this girl for her food suggestions :) ) . She was swearing by the taste of it and told me I will love it too.

It was the taste of heaven. Just to get you guys in the mood and a glimpse of it, few pics I found to represent;

Don't they put a smile on your face?
It was Sandy's treat and God's gift to a famished belly.

I left the restaurant with Prasad, swaying happily, thinking, "Sundays are so sinful...and how much I love that" :)