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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Omen ;)

Most of us 'want' to believe, what you do on the first day of the year; happens meticulously through the year. So here I am. :)

2009 was eventful. Beautiful. Blissful.

All the people around me made my life more prettier, meaningful and important. My family, my future family, friends, colleagues, stranger-turned-friends.

What special things did I do this year!? Numerous of them!

1. Photography went to a better level. Thanks to Persie.
2. Went to UK. Although for a week only. :| But a completely sponsored trip! Thanks to sweet sis.
3. Got into stage singing for the first time in years! Thanks to colleague's encouragement, Mom's support and Persie's training ;)
4. Did try to get back to Kalari.. But :| Thanks to my work and studies and ME. (Me bad girl).
5. Finished my MBA! Thanks to God :) ( Phew..)
6. Persie and me revamped our home. I will put up the pics sometime <|:)
7. Lost my cell phone for the first time. Persie said that was a sign of us being soul mates. So, I guess everything happens for a reason.
9. Learnt many new dishes. Many more to go.
10. Went to places I haven't been before.
11. Ate and drank things I've never had before ;)

and so on and so forth... there were so many happy, funny, stupid, silly and beautiful moments shared with people I love.

My resolution is that I will not have any resolution because that will just limit my options. Right? :)

2010 holds many more precious moments coming ahead that I can already think of. I pray to God everyone around me sees a beautiful time , true love and mental peace ahead.

Flight 2010 taking off for a beautiful journey!!

( Clicked by Me in UK :) )