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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yesterday night was FUN. Period.
Was one of my and Prasad's friend's wedding party. More of a cocktail party.
Now, what is that I look forward to, in a punjabi household's cocktail party!? :)

Not the drinks. Not the food. The DANCE FLOOR!
From the time I got my stability on heels, nothing gives me a high like dancing on highs. Its just altogether a different dimension of emotions.

I remember as a high-school kid, how I would torture my parents until midnight when we would happen to be at a party-with-a-dance-floor. I was insatiable. I still am.
Funny thing is, after I get moving, I won't do anything else. No talk. No food. No drink. Only one focus-Dance.

My outwardly composed image is totally crackled when same people happen to watch me on the dance floor. Like Prasad said, I literally slam-dunk on the dance floor! Lol.

Dance is such an expression of one-self that you can almost get to know people through it. Over the years, I have discovered my own interpretations of these.
1. Who just wouldn't budge; They clearly are not fond of it you see. Leave them alone.
2. The shy no-hands, no-legs person, they are being a good sport and participating. Encourage them.
3. The funny-moves person, They might not 'love' dancing as to say. But, they ARE expressive. They are fun to dance with. They bring out the no-barrier-dancer in you.
4. The all-hands, all-legs person, Ok, LOVE dancing. But, rule of dance-floor according to me; you dance and let dance. Not that one swing of your hip sends five people swaying off the floor. You gotta keep your moves to yourself buddies.
5. The lip-sync-ing dancers; They love music. They know music. They are just enjoying the music so much that the coconut-tree-swaying moves are just a residual action of their harmony.
6. The DANCER; now I would love to categorize myself in this. But then, I always keep coming across other dancers who make me wanna dance. Like every party has an elderly lady, who defies her age and makes everyone gape. Like one uncle, who'll hop into action when he hears one of his old favorites. These are the people I call and admire as Dancers.

Spontaneous, expressive and in love with this union of body & soul.


I was done with my tiffin-making ritual in the morning and started to proceed with the breakfast. Amidst all the things, I remembered that yesterday's Milk was still sitting in the fridge. "Shoot! I had forgotten to boil it."
I sprinted to the refrigerator and got the semi-solid milk packets and with a swish of the knife poured it right into the bowl and onto the stove.

Mornings are always pretty much like this. No time to stop-by-smell-the-roses-kinds.
Mornings mean BUSINESS.

I peeped into the milk, not yet boiled.
I got down to my breakfast. Gobbled it down.
Sprang again to the stove, No WAY! Not Today! The milk looked like its gonna split.

My brother and maid started their commentary.
"You should boil it same day"
"Make paneer out of it"
"I think its fine, lets just make tea out of it"

I just stared at the milk.. only one word stuck into my ears.. PANEER :)

Alright! I calmly got two huge lemons, squeezed them and stirred the milk.
Ummm. No change (?) I got another one. And another. NO CHANGE (?)
I started doubting the citric properties of this era's lemons..times have changed, quality goes down..etc. All thoughts crossed my head as I continued squeezing in more lemons.

After an hour of;
1. boiling
2. re-boiling
3. stirring
4. staring
5. four lemons
6. 1 bowl of vinegar
7. 1 bowl of curd

...the milk-like-concoction stared back at me. No Paneer yet. :|
I continued whining and wondering what went wrong!
Finally, when the clock struck nine, I gave up.
Now, I write this post, hoping that when I return, some fresh homemade cheese will welcome me near the stove.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Late-Night-Stunt

Knowing me, you'd be thinking what was ‘I’ doing at a Metal Music Show. But, for a matter of fact, I have built a taste for this genre of music over time. It could be because of Prasad's devotion to this or, perhaps the reiteration of those wavelengths on my ears from last few years.

I went to Chitrakala Parishad (CKP) this Sunday. The show was organized here.
Firstly, hats off to the all day long dedication with which the organizers hold these events. I refuse to step out in the sun even to go to my neighbor's house.

I reached the venue when a band was already on stage. I felt the thump under my heels. Yes, I might have been the ONLY girl wearing heels to this venue (to be honest, it was a spontaneous plan and lets just say I din't ‘intentionally’ plan to be a specimen at the show).

Prasad has always been encouraging me to grow at my photography skills and strive at getting better and better. He had insisted to get the camera along. I did.
I saw the crowd head banging next to the stage and silently decided to stand near the tree safely on my 3-inch-highs. For the first few tracks, Prasad went ahead and clicked the pics. I kept watching him more than the bands. This continued for a while until the hopeful photographer in me gathered guts to go ahead and start shooting myself.

It was quite dark and night-photography has always been challenging yet most intriguing. After having few people falling on me here and there, few tossing their hair on me and few toppling over me while I sat close to the stage; I made it. I got some eight hundred odd pics. Most of them were beautiful.

Got back home and immediately sat down to evaluate my work. By the time I had retained around 500 clear pictures, the clock struck two. There you go again, I leapt on my bed thinking tomorrow I will regret this late-night-stunt.

But, guess what, I did not repent it at all!

Seeing people love my work and wanting more of it, was TOTALLY worth the insomnia!


Thanks Prasad.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chemical formula resulting sleep..

What is it about sun and sand.. that lures every living being?
Its almost unavoidable to go drowsy on the sand. I'm sure if you do a research there'll be some chemistry to this.

(Picture only for representation purpose)
I witness it every day, on my way to office. Dogs sleeping cozy on pile of sand, in the soothing morning sun and breeze.

There's almost always the same dog at the top of the heap, few others dig in and make themselves comfortable.
Sucha warm soft feeling to see them enjoy that moment. Especially, when you're sleep deprived.
Its silly, but I actually end up envying them.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm... :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Orgasmic Food...

I know.. catchy topic. But, trust me. Sometimes, there is no other word to describe this God gifted mode of nutrition.

Not only do I love to eat. I love to Cook. To the extent that I have a peculiar liking to people who relish the act of eating. Its just a superb feeling to fill in empty stomachs.

But, being a working lady now. I am always on hunt for quick but fantabulous and rather creative recipes. Things that need few quick minutes of chopping, heating and saute attract my attention and palette the most. These include corn flakes bhel, bread upma, spanish omlette, mushroom bake, namkeen parantha, various vegetable crispies and enumerous sandwiches to name a few.

On my lookout for newer recipes, recently I have bumped into Hummus and Pita Bread, its ARABIC dish and you gotta second me on the fact it sounds absolutely toothsome.

Isn't it just mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... :D

I shall make it this weekend and tell you how it goes!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

College Reunion..

I got the news that college is going to have a reunion this saturday.

First thought was, Man! Its been four years since I graduated.
Second, Who all will come!?
Third, Who cares, no one even lives in Bangalore anymore.
Fourth, What if...some known friends, familiar teachers, those house-keeping maids who saw us everyday..were they still there?

Life has fast forwarded at such a pace that its hard to digest that its been so long I have not seen my college.

Reunions have this funny feeling about them. Its like a suspense which unfolds as every person walks in after a year of work/play/hard work/uselessness/prosperity/illness/forgein tour/local traffic blows etc. And its only natural for us to Judge.

I went for my first college reunion. It was practically like coming back from a summer vacation. We were all still fresh faces. But, now, its been three years. Would I want to see those people again? Yes. Would I want to go through the trouble of finding out if even a single person I knew is coming? No.

No matter how much we vouch for meeting up every weekend or every month or every birthday. Working life really changes a lot of things for every individual. You find new friends, new relationships, new responsibilities. Things change. Maybe, people don't.

Also, the fact that "World is small". I don't think so. I have friends living few lanes across whom I have never bumped into! But yea, I have bumped into friends across the globe. So, like any other theorem, this one also has its own flaws.

Like always, I was surfing for reunion pics and the one that got my smiling;

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm the Gizmo Chick..

Yeah.. For the first time in my life, I own a super cool gadget. Its a gift :)
This twenty fifth birthday of mine, I received an iPod Touch. After all the Yipee-Yiye-Yays and emotional bouts and overcoming the excitment; now I have started to explore this little skinny bugger.

I started off with flaunting the iBeer application which I found supaaa cool for a beginner. It fills in your beer and as you tilt while gulping down the level reduces till its Bottoms-up! And followed by a SATISFIED burp. Lol.

Next was the iBowl. I always sucked at bowling but this has given me some hope.

A week later, I have had a sprain in my shoulder; from the iBasketBall. A sprain in my wrist from the Darts. But, I AM LOVING it.

I have loved driving since the day I was authorized to do so. The Fastlane Lite app. in this coolio has made me the racer I can never be in the Bangalore roads ;)

I have nick named it Pod. :D

I transferred all my 1500 odd songs from my comp to Pod. The shutterbug in me couldnt resist putting in all the fav pics as well. I just love stretching the images in and out, bravo to the designers!

Overall, I have loved the entire experience of being a cool gizmo girl for once. Its good to show off once in a while ....what say! :D

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Has any hair-stylist ever told you, "Your hair is Great!"

No, right?
Thats the norm. You go to the hair-stylist and they gracefully RUIN your any strand of confidence on the beauty of your split-ended tresses (whatever little you may have).
They tell you how bad you've kept them.
They advise what you should do in order to look like Priyanka Chopra.
If your hair is dry, they make you see it as coir. If its oily, you might as well accept and apologize in your defense. And God forbid, if you got dandruff, get ready for the detailed analysis by the entire beauty saloon staff on every specimen from your head.
They unconsciously chuck the menu card showing all massages, hair treatments available in their parlour. Honest mistake.
They surely put HIGHLY fragnant substances in your hair that makes you go.. Mmmmmmmmmmm.. whats THAT?!!
"Oh, this?... trust me, your hair NEEDS this. Its just 1000/-, but totally worth it, especially for YOUR hair".

I got my annual hair cut just a week back. And for once, there was an exception! He did not "tell" me how BAD my hair was. He just ripped my scalp apart and showed me the proof of my weak hair in his hands!!! :O

All said and done, I am pretty pleased with the end product of my 900/-. The following few days of Wows and O-My's compensate that harassment I face in the parlour and move on, only to brace myself for the next year.