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Monday, May 24, 2010


Feet, the most neglected parts of our body. (Yes, I know there are others, which I would not like to discuss on a public forum like this!)
I discovered that all the running around on heels, horsing around in workouts and sluggish bare-foot wading in the house had resulted in an incredibly painful corn on my foot. And the condition of my heels and sole too wasn't exactly spectacular. Thus, my good friend Suchi and I decided it was time to take matters into our hands, or should I say, our feet.

This particular spa, The Kenko Spa, Bangalore, Lavelle Road http://kenko.co.in had been doing its rounds in our heads for months now. Although, my sine wave of illness and work schedule didn't leave me much choice. But now that The Moment was here, we happened to choose one of the weekdays to finally do the honours! We traveled for precisely two hours in the horrid traffic for our ten minute "fish feed"; meanwhile really hoping that, THIS BETTER BE GOOD.

You're wondering what did I just say?
Fish Feeding? Hundreds of little brown Garra Rufa fishes nibbling on your feet, and nope, it doesn’t hurt at all. The fish don’t have teeth and exfoliate naturally by sucking off the dead skin.
I had read in the reviews before trying this out that it is a "bit ticklish and then you begin to relax gradually". Maybe I need to do this every day of my life to stop hyperventilating and start relaxing. Which, I would have done, if it didn't charge me 200 bucks for 10 mins. :\

Anyway, we were welcomed in a fancy way and our grubby little feet were washed before we visited the fish tanks. I could see the excitement in the eyes of all those tiny starved fishes. Oh, they could eat a horse alright. Yikes. As I lowered my legs into the water, uncontrollable shrieks filled the air. Yes, it was me, the wuss. In my defense, they were REALLY ticklish and for a first timer, the sight of hundred fishes hanging out your leg, not pretty. See that;

But, gradually some of them shifted from my feet to Suchi's although they definitely seemed to find more dead meat in mine. (Muahaha, I win!) Before I knew, the time was up. We wore our footwear admiring our feet, which we were convinced, looked great.

Now, I know that's being too critical. It was fun, I admit. Also, I somehow felt my feet looked prettier than ever before (Ah, the weak-minded-me!) In fact, I am dying to be back there perhaps this time for longer.

Caressing my feet, I wondered at night, how it would be to have it done for the entire body. Or, does that ring any 'Who-Dares-Wins" bells? :|

Friday, May 21, 2010


I know I've been missing from action for a while. In my defense, I'd blame it on my body. It needed a lot of recuperation. ( I know my body blames it on me for exhausting it beyond humane limits).

So today I am here to give you a sneak peek of the most mesmerizing LIVE show I have ever attended in my life yet. It happened this Saturday at Palace Grounds, Bangalore. Were you there?
I was and let me tell you this. Having being designated as The Delicate Darling of all my social circles (not something I am proud of), I feared being definitely down with at least a sore throat and perhaps few hundred degrees fever, if not any other deadly diseases, post show.

LAMB OF GOD arrived here two days before the show. Madness prevailed. Period.
Must make it clear that first in line to receive them was Mr. Prasad who is a die hard fan of LOG from I suppose ever since he knew what music was all about. To make matters intolerable for sanity, Prasad's band, Extinct Reflections was opening for LOG. (For those, who're not into the metal scene, Psst...This is a BIG THING. Bigger than the Big Bang, Or, the End of Days. )
Lastly, to make matters beyond words, when Prasad met Randy Blythe (LOG Vocalist) at the airport, they became bum-chums!

So, the next few days had undiluted lunacy on the cards. I was game for it. :)

We landed at Palace Grounds at sharp ten thirty that morning. Beeline of fans from all across the country already kept the area abuzz. While Extinct Reflections (ER) folks got busy with the sound checks, I deposited myself in the safety of my car sufficiently away from all the dust and sun. I was astonished at how the crowd kept getting bigger and louder exponentially with every passing moment.

It would be hours before I would pull out my SLR and get down to business. After all, I was looking forward to my first celebrity shots!

Its incredible how Mob Mentality works. In the sun where usually we wouldn't bother stepping out even if it meant escaping a burning house; people went from loud to relentlessly psychotic for hours! The minute hand got spinning and we were already at the hour of the gig.

Prasad's band went on stage. The crowd went into a trance. The most unbelievable moment was when Randy Blythe came on stage to watch them play. He was actually head-banging to them! Or, Okay, you can say nodding-in-appreciation!
Here, you go , some shots from ER;

Then, came the final act, my camera went into a clicking frenzy. I'm sure if there was enough friction in there, it would have smoked.
But as they say, a picture is worth thousand words. So, here it goes;

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Fairy's Day. :)

We are all born to be Fairies some day, you know that?

Once upon a time a chubby little toddler would wriggle on the floor in her pink bloomers. The thrills of her life revolved around collecting all the utensils in a pillow cover and dragging them around the house the whole day. Unaware of the dangers around her, she waded through all obstacles merrily. One day, she fell on a glass, cut her eyebrow, bled and howled in pain. Her Fairy came to her rescue.

A few decades later, the same girl continues to fall into trouble, almost every now and then. Sometimes, its just stress, sometimes, just any silly non-reason getting her bed-ridden. But, every single time she thinks of her Fairy and her Fairy is next to her stroking her hair.
The girl wonders can she ever pay back all these zillion wishes that the Fairy has granted over the years. Rather, will she ever be close to being a Fairy herself when she can never imagine growing independent of the Fairy!

I look into the mirror and the scar hidden beneath my decently shaped eyebrows reminds me of the endless times I have given Shockers, Thrillers , OMG!s, Oh NO!s and Gasps to my Fairy, my Darling Mother. But, all she did is absorb them like a sponge and cushion my miseries.

I hope all living beings are blessed with this Fairy. I know some of us aren't always under her wings but, I hope they get shade from some or the other Angel. And one day, we are Fairies to other living beings. They need not be our children. They come in various forms. Our pet, our sibling, our friend, our lover, our neigbour, our colleague. And just like that, without knowing, we become their Fairies by just helping them in their hour of need, without them even asking for it. :)

Happy Mother's Day to every Mother.