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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Fairy's Day. :)

We are all born to be Fairies some day, you know that?

Once upon a time a chubby little toddler would wriggle on the floor in her pink bloomers. The thrills of her life revolved around collecting all the utensils in a pillow cover and dragging them around the house the whole day. Unaware of the dangers around her, she waded through all obstacles merrily. One day, she fell on a glass, cut her eyebrow, bled and howled in pain. Her Fairy came to her rescue.

A few decades later, the same girl continues to fall into trouble, almost every now and then. Sometimes, its just stress, sometimes, just any silly non-reason getting her bed-ridden. But, every single time she thinks of her Fairy and her Fairy is next to her stroking her hair.
The girl wonders can she ever pay back all these zillion wishes that the Fairy has granted over the years. Rather, will she ever be close to being a Fairy herself when she can never imagine growing independent of the Fairy!

I look into the mirror and the scar hidden beneath my decently shaped eyebrows reminds me of the endless times I have given Shockers, Thrillers , OMG!s, Oh NO!s and Gasps to my Fairy, my Darling Mother. But, all she did is absorb them like a sponge and cushion my miseries.

I hope all living beings are blessed with this Fairy. I know some of us aren't always under her wings but, I hope they get shade from some or the other Angel. And one day, we are Fairies to other living beings. They need not be our children. They come in various forms. Our pet, our sibling, our friend, our lover, our neigbour, our colleague. And just like that, without knowing, we become their Fairies by just helping them in their hour of need, without them even asking for it. :)

Happy Mother's Day to every Mother.

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Suchitra said...

Very well written :) Lovely !!