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Thursday, April 29, 2010


I feel like Rudolf today. The red nosed reindeer! Yeah.

I had been smart enough to remove my nose pin and forgetting to wear it for a few days. Today, I had to wrestle it back into the teeny dot of a hole on my nose. Thus.

I remember the last time I had felt this stinging pain through my nose was when a gun shot placed a gorgeous diamond on my nose. To make matters worse, this was a second time piercing on my nose since the previous one wasn't good enough to let the pin go through.
My biggest fear was resulting with two holes on my nose on the same side living as neighbors for the rest of my life. So, I was still as a rock.
While I smiled and shivered, fat bead of tears involuntarily ran down my cheeks. Although the only restriction was not to move my body, there was no movement from my vocal chords either, maybe they had died somewhere with the panic.
Why do I do this to myself? I don't know.

And well, this wasn't the first time, I have had worse experience with my ear piercings. The second pair you know.
I was so freaked out about catching any infections from the needle that I kept applying the antiseptic lotion for a day. Next day, the pierce looked fine but was only surrounded by blisters from the lotion. Eeeks.

Being the only one in my clan who has ever dared to have more then two regular ear piercings, I thought I was maybe the Hippie of the Family. Rather, so I was told. Until..I came across this lady while I flipped the pages of this month's Femina!

And she's 73 and going strong. Way to go! So basically her entire body is covered with tattoos and piercings so much so that she can be very well be naked and pass for a fully dressed person! Jeez...weird thought though imagining her that way at a public place.
Quite a saving w.r.t apparels right. But think again, she's already spent moolah worth 16 lakhs on her body. Talk about savings now.

Its great that someone actually went through such pain to decorate the body with what they loved. But, I think its a tad bit too much. Aye?
Nevertheless, personal choice.
I feel these piercings and tattoos can be really sensual if they are done just right and in the right places and because you love them. Not because you think they look great on someone else.
Also, sometimes I think its OK to draw a line. Because as rightly as my friend Veena said, there's difference between a kid laughing .. and a kid laughing ALL THE TIME.

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