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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Viral war!!!

Hey everyone...
Decided to finally start off my laptopie and drop by a post on how my entire body was broken down by a mere virus.

Nah. Not as serious as I just made it sound. But, pretty bad to get me stuck to the sack for almost fourteen days now. The last sightings of outer world I remember was on my birthday and the very next day the virus gave me a birthday present. Yes. Hail and Hearty, you can never anticipate such things. But, in Bangalore, you can. Anytime.

Not only did I manage to drive my mother all the way down from Delhi in emergency but also, land up for a good few days in the hospital with the grace of the Almighty Virus. My cough was quite resonating with the surprisingly loud bass background. While I laid in the hospital bed and was asked to think about what bad did I do THIS time...I could think of NOTHING. Except, I know my family would refuse to agree to that. But, seriously folks, this time I claim innocence. I agree there was certain amount of exposure to an ocean of viruses i.e I had been to a mall. You should have seen the expression of the doctors when I told them that. We all go to the malls, don we.. :| Don't we.

Nevertheless, almost two weeks later, I begin my journey gradually again towards the pool of virals, in a few days. How? By landing in an office with air conditioner that cuts off any fresh air supply and ensures appropriate circulation of all sorts of germs.

Anyway, enough about me, how have you all been. :)


Suchitra said...

Cant wait to welcome you back :)

Dee said...

Hey Suchi.. you're a sweetheart! :)*