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Thursday, April 1, 2010

So that's how I became Officially an Aunty..

But, still a girl at heart.. :)
And I'd like to believe so for atleast another few decades.

Crossing my twenty-sixth birthday just yesterday; I received a lot of Wow's, Oh's, Wishes, Blessings, Smiles as well as No-reactions, No-acknowledgements. :|
It was a working day for me and a hectic one at that. Being a routine driven person, I slumped into bed at sharp 10:30 the previous night. At sharp twelve, I was sleep walking. My sweet cousins, who'd had managed to sneak in a cake and were singing "Happy Birthday to .." around me. I could comprehend very less with the blood-shot eyes and the whoozy brain. But, this is what was there when I could manage to click;
I cut the cake and stuffed their little singing mouths with it and started speeding back to bed. But, when has the world loved peaceful sleepers. Nay. Never. :|

My phone started to buzz on the bed. Then it rang in a series of calls with some of the closest, warmest, not-so-expected, abosolutely-expected and then unknown people. By the time I had received everyone's wishes and love, my body hated me. I should realize the sleeping needs of my aging body now you see.

Morning was equally sugary for this birthday girl. I reached office with packs of Kheer Kadam and Dry Fruit Mixture. My girls gang made sure the entire building knew I was The Birthday Girl of the day. While I blushed and tried unsuccessfully hiding behind the pillars and chairs for cover, they blared around singing birthday wishes to me. I love these girls. :) (Ah, few of em missing here)..

Being five years with Prasad I knew I will be greeted with a pleasant surprise for my birthday like every year. Man!! I LOVE SURPRISES. As soon as I met him in evening, he asked me to keep driving straight. Well, I did. We finally arrived at a location which sported a Circus, namely, New Prabhat Circus! Yeah, a real, functional circus. I looked at him for answers. He laughed and pointed at opposite direction which had a beautiful lake surrounded by a walking track. ( Note: Did I mention the weather was love-struck and balmy).

Precisely ten minutes later, we were sitting in the speed boat at a quiet and breezy lake far, far away from manic civilizations (well, not too far but near the K.R.Puram Hanging Bridge). Whatever was in the capacity of the boat, it wriggled through some funky maneuvers and made our trip hilarious fun. Check this out!

All in all, we had a good time. Also did some chasing of stinky little cute rabbits and rabbit "Kids", Yeah! ..LOL. They had rabbit litter for sale!

Walking around and then just relaxing.

I reached home in time for dinner and knew for a fact that my little cousin sister was upto something. She had frantically called me earlier in the day asking for location of various spices in the kitchen. ;)
To my disbelief, my little girl had laid out a full course Sadya (Festive Meal) as her gift on my birthday. I am sure it took her the whole day and well, we did justice to it, in about eight minutes.

So, athough I have always believed that Birthday is just another excuse to celebrate life; my close ones made sure I did just that. I love you all.

P.S. I am sure you guys wanna know what all I got for gifts!! :D
1. Nokia E63- Jiju and Sis
2. Car 3M Sunscreen- Loving Dad Ma and Lizzu
3. Addidas Workout Shoes- Anoop
4. Full course sadya- Dhanya
5. Prasad- Partial received. ;) Other bigger half will be covered in a day long shopping sponsorship by him! Veeeeeee.
6. Gal Pals--Oooo.. Waiiittinnngg.
7. Rest of you- I never say no to Gifts! :D The bigger the better. ;)


Ron Cooper said...

Happy,happy birthday!!

Dee said...

Thanks a lot Ron! *<\:)

Makk said...


Bigger the better? Sure?


Have a Quality Life Ahead.

Keep smiling.

Dee said...

@Makk : LOL. Yup! Sure.
Thanks for the quality wishes ;)

Makk said...

well, some one stated some time back in media...
"harder the better"



Mayz said...

an aries eh...i shud have guessed by d kinda admiration that was showered on ya...being an aries myself i kno d kinda fan followin we attract :P

wishin u a very happy belated birthday :)

Dee said...

@Mayz.. LOL.. Thanks fellow-Arian.. :)) I can totally understand the paparazzi pressure ;)

Jaunty anima said...

Hey DEE!!Belated happy budday....:):)
M J of all d gifts u got...mine's cmn soon too...lemme c wat all stuff I get...*with high expectations*

Dee said...

Hey Jaunty! Thanks a lot :)
I knowwww.. although they say expectations bring misery..I like to believe.. Umeed pe hi duniya kayam hai ;)

Mohan said...

Belated birthday wishes!
first time here... Nice blog you have...