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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bridget ON MY CAR!!!

I braked my car with a screech. Someone had definitely rammed it from behind. Preparing my speech against rash driving, I stepped out. What do I see?! Two uneven shaped feet on the roof of my car. I stare shell shocked and start looking up and cannot fathom the face. It cannot BE! She looks JUST LIKE Bridget JONES! Her hair flying all over her face! It cannot possibly be. I think she's holding a cake or something like that. While I try to shape my lips into some words, I hear my phone ringing. I answer it, it continues to ring! My eyes switch between the phone and her while she's fighting the wind blowing her hair all over her face. I give her an understanding look and then stare back at my phone. Maybe I should click her picture quickly on the phone as a proof. Its so unbelievable!! It IS HER! Oh hey, the alarm is ringing on the phone. Hey..wait a minute. What's that sound? Is the alarm ringing like a doorbell?!

I creep up to the door with my eyes shut tight. Let the maid in, who I think is the maid. One of my half-open eyelid confirms. Splash the water on my face. Yep, wide awake now. :|

I recollect the dream I had (for what seemed like eternity) early morning and wondered if what they say about morning dreams is true. Do they really turn into reality? I snigger.

Its fascinating how our naughty little subconscious brain picks up strands of information from so many incidences and cooks up a whole new world inside our head. Its weird I never dreamt of food though. Hmmm. Maybe, there is so much of it present in my reality that my brain and for that matter subconscious are sick of it! Possible.

I recounted all the factors that could have landed Miss Bridget Jones on my car!!

1. Someone hitting my car from behind.
Analysis: OBVIOUSLY. Its Bangalore! It happens everyday. Perhaps even to toy cars! There's so much traffic and by the time you absorb the shock, roll down your window and raise your vocal chords; the criminal is wriggling precisely half a km away from you.

2. Bridget Jones!
Analysis: Need I say anything. I have read two of her novels followed by their movies and then endless discussion with Suchi. I agree, she's been an overdose now.

3. Uneven legs;
Analysis: I realized I have uneven legs in my aerobics class. Period.

4. Phone obsession;
Analysis: I've been addicted to my phone! DUH! New Nokia E63. Who wouldn't be. I gotta be frank and shameless to say that yes, the most used feature has been the camera on it. Some randoms here;

...Explains the cake...hmmm...

Yeah..Some say show off.. I say..Why not! ;)

5. Last but not the least, the hair flying over face!!
Analysis; We'd been to this team lunch to The Village. It happens to be an open air restaurant. You know what that means right. Basically, few of your hair in your mouth with every single bite. My brain did register that discomfort of mine.

Sweet dreams people!


Suchitra said...

Gosh! your yoga rocks.. I guess i cant stretch like that now :-|

Aditya said...

^ seriously! awesome yoga :O :)

Dee said...

Hehe.. Thankssssss guys :D
Suchi .. comeawwwwwwn.. once a yoga person.. ALWAYS a yoga person! :D You can get back!

nishitak said...

When you're that flexible, you are entitled to show off :)

Happy belated birthday wishes :)