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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday GraphiCurry!!

You will know you've been to a High Profile Page 3 party when you can't feel your high-heeled legs the next day! Trust me, because I I'm considering walking on all my fours today. Yep, I was there and if I find myself in any papers today; you bet I'm gonna put that up! :D

P.S. I saw the likes of Jackie Shetty and Veena Bhat up close and personal!! (Eeeeeeee..)

So Prasad's child, GraphiCurry celebrated its first project completion yesterday at B52, Koramangala with great pomp and show. Its right above Ambrosia for those who'd like to visit it.

Oh hey, I didn't mention GraphiCurry to you all. This is the venture that Prasad ( and well me, for all my moral support that I credit myself for ;) ) had envisaged for years and now has materialized. This is an end-to-end solution for going Digital to brand your product. And lets face it, what's not digital nowadays practically doesn't exist.

Having said that, I know I'm the kind who'd get excited to see even a Roti inflate but, check out the website www.graphicurry.com and tell me if it doesn't register in some important section of your brain. My favorite section in this is the Caricatures; but of course, because Mine is the first in it! Don't miss it. :)

Being a staunch believer of Service for All concept; GraphiCurry caters to anyone and everyone. It helps them materialize Concepts and Ideas ultimately helping them achieve the not-so-ulterior goal of any business..i.e The Right Magnetism for your intended Customer base/Audience.

So any of you who're keen to follow any further launches can follow GraphiCurry at Twitter! And here comes my yet another fav part... the pics@B52;


Suchitra said...

Awesome ! Good luck to you both ! GraphiCurry will be a big success :)

Dee said...

Suchi.. you're a sweetheart! Thanks! :D

sameer said...

Nice blog,,,
will try B52,,,,,,
hey one more thing
the link to website is not working from your blog.....

Shank said...

Saw GraphicCurry website today through Overture website....mighty impressive stuff!!! Hope you remember the cocktail expert from the B52 party ....hope you drank enuf....water!!

Dee said...

@Sameer; Oops.. i corrected that now. Thanks for informing!
@Shank.. Yup Yup.. comawwwwn I wasn't THATTTT much of a goner :| Just added you on FB. CUUUTEE daughter.. :D

RK said...

Very Impressive!..... if ever i need one... i will definitely know where to come. all the best :)