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Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't Mind..Its Friggin' Holi!!

My facebook status says it all; Would have preferred a Holi-day rather than just an official Working Holi day.. :|

So today was Holi, the festival of colors, fun and loads of food. The last two pretty much being there in any other Indian festival!

I remember chewing my parents' brains until they got me the water-guns and loads of messy colors for smearing on my friends. And on the Holi day, I was unstoppable. I would gallop out of the house before any one else on the street and come back the last. The image of me and my sister in our tattered clothes (obviously cause mom wouldn't let us wear something fancy! Duh!) grubby with Holi colors being washed up with the garden hose is so vivid in my head. How I used to love this festival that I would relentlessly scram up and down the road filling up my water gun and spraying people on their faces (practically into their mouths) when they least expected.

I fell out of this love as I grew. As I was harrassed repeatedly by friends with chemical-clad colors and filthy water resulting in bad skin, hair and lungs. The festival got dirtier as people discovered innovative ways to vent out their prior frustrations via this medium. Then came the time when you'd to watch out for silver paints, eggs or even something which I swear smelt like shit. (EEWW!) And all you gotta reconcile with was the fact, "Bura na maano, Holi Hai!" ("Don't mind, but its friggin' Holi!)

The last time I played it was when I started working. I remember people being mopped on the ground for smearing colors...cause we ran out of the color stock.

Well...After that, I've only celebrated it by locking myself in the house and making goodies to eat and feed. Although, I believe one day people will realize that the festival is just an excuse to celebrate ourselves. Then, why the nasty chemicals and sadistic ways! THEN... My dear friends, will I step out again on this day.


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