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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Falling in love..Just like that..

Pretty certain of the fact that;
My job + Blogging + Chatting + Twittering + Facebook-ing had given me the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; I retreated to my books for this weekend. In my defense, human is a social (networking) creature :|

With my nature, a full-time employee is mandatory to keep my grey cells engaged. So, I have employed my brain at it. With all these entertainment modes taken away for two long days, I desperately hung on to...The Bridges of Madison County.

Monday.. it left my wrists much better and Mmmmmmm......me, so full of love.

For those of you, who've not heard of this ever before (just like I hadn't)...here.
For those of you, who have heard/seen it. I second you, its by far one of the most touching love story you come across.

I believe my imagination is much more stronger than my sight. I need one vision or hint and my brain cells work overtime to concoct the images in my head. Thus, when I read novels, I am living in that scene. With Bridges of Madison County ( Caution, those who want to read this novel/watch this movie, stop reading further)...
What I loved is the simplicity of falling in love. Just like that.
Finding beauty in someone who may not apparently look like Aishwarya Rai or Hrithik Roshan...Just like that.
That there is no age to fall in love.
Even though away from your loved one, Living in love.. All your life.

Living in Iowa, Francesca, 45, wife of a farmer and nurturer of two teenage children; falls in love. With a stranger. Robert Kincaid, 57 (or so), photographer of National Geographic (Oo..this makes him so mesmerizing already and me; all coy and tingly), who's in Madison County, Iowa working on an assignment photo shoot on Covered Bridges, who's forgotten what it is to be in a relationship; falls in love. With a house wife and mother.
They spend only four days together but realize towards the end of it that what they are so deep into, cannot be pursued because of Francesca's children and family. They part their ways..only to spend two more decades of their lives, hoping to be together someday.

Trust me when I say, novels can make you cry.

To a listener, this is bound to be judgemental scenario. Of course, wife falling in love with a stranger when husband is away with children for four days! But, if you would, I would say, read this 170 page novel... and all you'll have in your mind and heart when you reach the last page is.. Love.

While I read it, I had already conjured the faces of the two lead roles in my head and I was delighted out of my wits to find out who they were; two of my favorites. Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep.
Have a glance at these pics below and let your feelings stir like mine did.. :)


Casey said...

Hey.. I have an award for you at my blog. Come by and collect it. The rule is that you must share it with 5 of your blogging buddies. Btw this is not spam :D

Life Is Beautiful!!! :-) said...

Just now watched this movie (almost!!!) but even before I finished watching the movie.. something made me dig up this blog of yours written 3 months back and read it again :-)(compliments to both my memory and your writing :))... and yea... it is a beautiful movie... true, no point being judgemental about certain things... 'dil hai ki maanta nahi' ;-)

Life Is Beautiful!!! :-) said...

and now that i've finished watching it... I must say this once again... It's beautiful!!!

it so much fills me up.. that I am forced to dig up a blog written 3 months ago.. in the middle of the night.. and comment on it twice!!! :)

Dee said...

You're so right. I myself finally saw this movie recently. I had a lump in my throat for the rest of the night.
What's painful is, this is the fact of life. And you can't blame anyone.