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Monday, March 22, 2010

A penny for a smile

If I got a penny for a smile, I would be a millionaire by now. I remember back in college, I was widely known as the girl who-would-smile-at-anyone-and-everyone. After all, I always have believed that smile can only spread warmth. Unless you're smiling at a totally bizarre/sad/ironic/sadistic situation. That's a totally different thing if you expect me to remember every one's names! :

So, please don't be ticked off with me if next time I smile at you but give an uncomfortable gaze; I'm just trying to place your name.

In my defense, I don't forget faces. But that is equally untrue when it comes to me and names.
I was caught once in a sticky situation with my embarrassing problem. I bumped into some college friends with my sister. They asked me to introduce them to my sister.
Well...What could I do?
I said.. OK! Why don't you guys get to know each other.. I will just go get some of those groceries quickly!
Yeah right. That would have been much smarter. But, instead I only managed a stupid, "Umm.. Sure..This is my sister.. and you are? "
Their eyes could burn me down right on that store aisle. Eeks.

There are enormous number of situations which can land you into soup for this helpless problem of yours.

1. You smile...They wave. You talk. You exchange phone numbers. You don't even know what to name the number.
Solution: Ask them their last name. "Eh... so your last name is..". They are bound to tell their first name as well!

2. You smile..Acknowledge their presence in this world. Almost everyday. They suddenly meet you elsewhere and expect introduction to your family and friends.
Solution: I am yet to come up with one. Do tell me if you have one.

3. You smile..They smile. Never spoken to each other. One day they stop smiling.
Solution: Tag them as creeps. Maintain safe distance.

4. You smile..They think you're a freak.
Solution: Reduce the angle of your smile. Maybe you're giving a loony-axe-killer-smile all the time.

5. The prize definitely goes to;
You smile.. They think you like LIKE them.
Solution: I have stopped smiling at strangers. Unless they produce an identity card. :

I have put up a new poll on this folks; Do express..lets see how many smiles reside in this world. How much does a smile cost anyway? Perhaps just a few calories to stretch your facial muscles. :) Just a small comic strip below which was captured with this little one...





Aditya said...

A smile can do wonders! Keep smiling always! :)

Life Is Beautiful!!! :-) said...

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! You've written about me!!!! :-O.. every word of it!!!

Dee said...

@Aditya.. Totally agree.. Totally agree.. :D

@Appu.. thats the problem with ALL smilers.. you see.. hehe..

Sandhya Sethu said...
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Sandhya Sethu said...

I always remember faces too... hehe and I always smile at random people only to get uncomfortable expressions!! :D hehe
ok I am not great at comments I am those kinds who silently read blogs... and smile as I do so..not the psycho killer smile.. but more like an 'interested in reading the blog' kind of smile.. I also do not read too many blogs... but I have been following yours for a while now.. and I think you deserve a Blogger Buddy award more than I do... :) so there it is I present you with this really cool award hehe

arpana said...

Deepti!! The succession of those photos made me smile! :D heheh!!

Girl, you should take this test: http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/sleep/tmt/instructions_1.shtml

Let me know how it goes :P

Dee said...

@sandhya.. LOL.. soooo sweet.. thanks!!! but wherrrrrrrr's the awaaardd.. to pick up?? oh hehe..or did u mean like a verbal recognition? :\ :D

@Arpana.. Jeeeeeeez.. i am GOOD with faces!!
Recognition score ; 91 (avg; 92)
Temporal memory score ; 95 (avg; 68)


Shank said...

This happens to people so often. I agree with you on the 1st situation & se it often too ..asking surname..hehe!! Strangers do take you for wired in India if you smile at em. Matter of conditioning I guess!!

Esther said...

Smile can truly spread the warmth!! :)
This post was so cute!!! :)
I like this quote like so much
"Smile at a stranger, and he/she'll remember it as a brightest thing of their day"

Sid said...

Hmmm... I smile 2... but i smile thinking abt something funny which happened, lost in my thghts and ppl give me creepy looks :(

First time here, liked ur blog :)