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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Forbidden

Its only when my father pointed out that I realized that I'd been using a little too much 'regular' profanities in my previous posts. (Woops!) Who else but a parent can you rely on for checking on these. :D

So my apologies to all my readers who might have come in to read a nice light composition and found some gibberish rantings. :)

Its so true that you can never grow up older than your parents. Obviously, metaphorically.
I still chuckle remembering the times when me and sis were asked to shut our eyes when some objectionable scenes came in the flick. Speaking of Parental Guidance! It used to be hilarious cause we could obviously hear everything and imagination is much more powerful tool than sight. ;)

The fun starts when the sides are swapped and you're doing the Parental role. I haven't got there yet but, my hands automatically cover the little eyes of my younger cousins who'd be trying desperately to peep through my fingers. There's always been an argument that the thing that is forbidden is more lucrative to anyone. Is that true?
There's always a fear and an attraction to the Forbidden. That's true. For anyone.
I think its the emotion behind the person-who-forbids-you, that stops you. Nothing else. :)

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