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Friday, March 19, 2010


Being a lazy Saturday morning, I first contemplated on bed for good one hour, before deciding to crawl out. My wrists still hurt from yesterday's silliness of warming up on the pretext of 'kick-boxing'. Yeah, don't ask me; I'm myself undecided yet on the relation between the kick boxing and the wrists. :|

While my eyes kept getting misty with the Tulsi tea below my nose, I had a flurry of thoughts & suggestions in my head for getting my day started...

1. I could make a simple breakfast as suggested in the "Be Cool in Summers" article in the newspaper; cup of tea with non-sugared cereal. ( Personally, on any other day, this is my ideal breakfast. But TODAY!..Blehhh..)

2. Or, I could make the Breakfast-Like-a-King, with Corn and Peas patty, spinach and cheese omelet, honey mustard cream toast and chilled strawberry milk shake. ( :D Yes! Yes! I Like! I Like!! )

3. Or, I could read the paper, clean my cupboard, take a shower and then do either Step 1 or 2 or none.

4. Or, I could have another round of tea and ponder into pennyless thoughts.

5. Or, install and explore all the Coolio features of my new Nokia E63!! (Thank you Jiju and Sis. :) )

6. Or.....

After finishing my tea, I just plonked into bed like a dead fish and lay there still in a position remarkably similar to The Vitruvian Man.. I think.. for two hours. I Think.

But then, I did slither out of bed again and decided to blog about my sleeping sickness. But heyyy! What do I see...I got my first blog award! :D Thanks to Casey for considering my blog for the same.
I nominate my Blogger Buddies;
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Do give them a read.. :) and have a happy lazy hazy Saturday people!
I'm heading to watch a movie marathon at home this weekend.. If my eyes survive through it, my hands will definitely write about them.


Jaunty anima said...

Hey Dee...so nice to be on ur blog!!

Thanks a ton dear!!I'm sure we can be gr8 blog buddies...n m here I am accepting ur award...

Thankooooo.... dear!!:)

Keep cmn back dear!!

Insignia said...


Thanks for the award. :-) We are sure more than just blogger buddies :-)

Your Saturday ordeal almost matches mine. Have a happy weekend and happy movie watching :-)

Dee said...

@Jaunty anima; Thanks! Sure I will keep following :)
@Insignia; Thanks! Sure we are .. of course :D

Makk said...

Thanks for the award. :)

Keep watching my page..:)

Keep smiling.