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Friday, October 1, 2010

Begging for beds...

Its those post-lunch hours at work when you can kill someone to get a fluffy bed. Actually, not even fluffy, any bed, any horizontal surface would do. God bless those minds who came up with idea of a rest lounge at work for women. Especially women, the delicate half of the human species. Because of course, with all that they go through biologically, that a man can never undergo; they deserve it. Sadly and honestly, that's true!
Thus, winning us the brownie point of a dormitory.

But, then the million dollar question arises, do you ever get to sleep on that bunker bed in the dormitory!??

Because some ladies sleep on them as though they have never encountered a bed before in their life.

Now, come on you can't be serious!
No, seriously! They sleep with their claws dug deep into the bed. They cannot be removed from their until (death do us part? Nah, that's too harsh) eternity!

Ah, that must really suck. Especially when you really need to get a shut eye, or worse, when you aren't well.
Oh tell me about it. I have stood there towering over sleeping women hoping that they will freak out when they open their eyes and would run out that door. I just got snores back in return.

God, that's outrageous!
Oh, that's nothing. Now, I get a feeling they even reserve the beds! They land on the bed in the off-sleep-hours and proceed with eating, chatting, stretching and then finally sleeping through the day. Makes me sometimes wonder if they even get their own pillows from home to make themselves 'feel at home'.

They should make some rule for the time that one person can occupy a bed for.
How!? You should see those women! They even cover their faces with the duvets to shut out any "official" disturbance from the outer world. What are we supposed to do? Yank their blankets off and pour a bucket of water , like the movies. Although that would surely be fun.

Although, I really wish if the world was the movies, one day I might just do that! LOL.