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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It started with a disaster. Our Coorg Trip.
We overslept, got delayed and decided to start off a little later than the decided time. (Last night was Friday night, Gosh).

While we stood at the Railway station waiting for the next Mysore bound train, we were increasingly losing patience and the crowd was getting wilder.
Next thing we knew, we're on our way to Mysore in a cab. Phew. So much more peaceful. Only until it started pouring and we were stuck in terrible traffic.

I'm sure the thought of this being a Bad Idea ran through our minds more than once. That's me and Prasad. But, we both kept our spirits high until we realized that we would reach Coorg only by night! Thanks to the rain, traffic and the beautiful mist at the hilly terrain.

My head was almost spinning with anxiety and my face was as pale as that mist, while the Cab driver was snaking his way through what looked like a layer of White Solid.
The last time I had seen such thick fog was in Delhi and I always dreaded driving through these. We reached at about eight at night at gorgeous Homestay called Gowri Nivas. Its rated best at tripadvisor.com for a reason.
Suddenly, I felt this could never be a bad idea.
Our room..

My feeling was reassured when I shook Prasad up to see the gorgeous misty green morning next day. We were lucky enough to have one clear day in our trip, which we made the most of. We could cover the Elephant camp at Doobare,

Prasad and the Elephant Butt..
The Tibetian settlement at Bylakuppe
...as well as the Orange County.

We spent a day at the at Orange County drooling over the scenic setup and primarily gobbling their sumptuous buffets.

The second day was sort of a disappointment because we travelled really far off for a Adventure Sports club to do some Quad-Biking! Finally, we were heading for some adrenaline rush in this quiet, serene setup. But, when we were there, it kept pouring cats and dogs (and leeches) and we decided to value our lives more than a mere rush. :|
We saw these beautiful Chelvara Falls but, alas! only from the cab window. We tried to trek our way up the falls to have a better view but realized that the wet-and-moss-filled-stone-paths only look good in artistic paintings.
That is Prasad going all gaga over the slippery path. He's just a happy kid.

The food at Gowri Nivas was the best part. (My God! I live to eat)
We had all the Coorgi specialties, thanks to Muthu; the landlady of the homestay. This is the reason I believe that Bed and Breakfasts are always the best. They have a personal touch. :)

That's Muthu!

Okie, enough talkie talkie.. more pictures.

Yes, Prasad has some serious issues being in front of the camera.

A memorable trip :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What have I been up to?

Today I decided to write just as a ice breaker. I can't think of anything particular to talk about!

I had been busy at work with some changes. More than occupied, I was always preoccupied with things at work. But, now things look good. :)

I am in the process of upgrading my camera so, no new pictures lately. But no worries, once my precious Canon 600D is with me, you'll have some eye candy. I've been keeping myself busy working, cooking, cleaning and over all just giving myself a slice of life.
Right now, I'm watching Serial Mom sipping on my favorite herbal tea. Hilariously ridiculous movie.

The recent happenings;
My best friend got married!

God bless her.. They are a sweet couple. :)

Kitchen on fire with a hottie

My nephew lately

Mom Dad back in town! Woohoo.. :D

We went to Bangalore club! They said Deepika Padukone was there!! I never saw :(
O yes.. we were all dressy-dressy ;)

I couldn't capture any of my latest yummies from kitchen but, will be brought to you REALLY soon!