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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Firstly, thanks to ALL the people who checked on me if my Lazy Hazy Saturday went okie! It indeed did! :D .

Started off with a movie marathon of Bridget Jones (Part 1 & 2 because I wanted to compare the novels to the flicks! For those who haven't seen these. I would definitely recommend part 1 and part 2 ONLY for Bridget's skiing scene; I was somersaulting with laughter; no exaggeration) and then The Princess and the Frog (Umm..I'd say just a usual Disney movie, time pass cuteness). By then my eyes begged for mercy and my twisted body postures on the sofa needed a stretch. So, I stepped into the kitchen.

As promised to myself (or rather to my growling tummy), I rewarded myself with a sumptuous lunch of;
- Basil and oregano herbed potatoes and peas.

- Francesine Pasta in Ginger-white sauce (Oh these pretty little babies were soaked in cheese too ;) .. what's pasta without cheese.. Aye?). I was so shell-shocked to learn that pasta comes in only as near as THIRTY SHAPES! :O http://www.food-info.net/uk/products/pasta/shapes.htm

- Patties.. Good old frozen ones. Yummy as sin.

- Sandwiches with three kind of fillings;
Cornichons (Gherkins) with honey mustard sauce.
Sweet Cucumber sauce.
This one was my favorite, spiced tomato chutney with cream! You sure wanna give a go to these range of cute little Jars of hand-made sauces at Nilgiris. Here's a sneak peek I managed to click for you guys;

Anyway the hogger-pot me decided not to eat the day away on Sunday. So, I went for this movie LSD (Bollywood Movie). The movie is A-rated, rightly so. Although a little disturbing, I would say its indeed a very well-made movie. A must watch for everyone to know what goes behind all those news and juicy video gossips or even the random videos updated on the net. Most of the times, its us encouraging these...by just viewing them. Think again.

We took a little walk to build our appetites (and do justice to the lunch) and that's when I was gifted THIS by Prasad to deal with the Indian Summers.. and to add to my Birthday gifts list ;) !

With a little Oomph.. Oooo.. :)
Was also gifted a looovely Pink hand bag which will be appropriately displayed when I get the right match in the wardrobe! All you girls, MUST VISIT; Sigma Mall, Bangalore, 4th Floor, Tiny Boutique Stand, run by lady called Sheela. Gorgeous and hip bags and hats. :D


Mayz said...

i feel so duh!! after readin how well ppl can plan out their off days...most of my time is spent deciding how much longer i wanna sleep...jeez!!!

Dee said...

LOL!!! :D Happens!!