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Monday, March 8, 2010

Hiding in the Cardboard Castle!

Location change upsets me. Mostly.

It reminds me of all those childhood times when distraught Papa and Mom would be running like little headless chickens all over the house, packing the trillion boxes of luggage. While me and sis could help, all we would concern ourselves with was, the food neighbors would be sending in as farewell. So you're wondering whats so depressing about that? Its just the inertia. Honestly.

Same is with my office space. Its was one of its kinds. I felt at home in it, obviously due to the entire decor I'd created around it with things beginning from my personalized coffee mug to my pillow. The wall bore the evidences of events I'd attended from last five years; the ticket to shows me and Prasad had attended together, to his first gifted card, memories of my and sis's outings, friends pictures, Get-Well-Soon cards, Valentine gifts and even my Premier IPL League ticket! Sigh..

Now, I sit in the middle of a cardboard castle. We moved to a new location and I don't know how to describe it in a polished lingo. I've been allocated a desk in the middle of the highway, or at least it feels that way. I miss my snug little cube that was ideally located near the loo as well as the cafeteria. If there was a contest for Best Located Cube, my cube would have won it hands down. :|

I know I cribbed about that one being located next to the Window-which-was-public-phone-booth. But, here, people are so incredibly close in proximity that I think I can answer the phone calls for at least five people in my one-hand-radius when their cell phones ring.

Nevertheless, as I always do in any bleak situation; think of the positives...for me.

1. I'm closer to my team members........team bonding initiative(?).

2. I'm closer to my boss..........

3. I'm visible to the public, so I would be noticed in case I pass out working someday!

4. At least I'm not sharing my cube with another person. Don't get me wrong, I have no qualms about space-sharing. Its just that with the given size of the cubicle, I feel its slightly suffocating if I turn around and almost land in the lap of the other person. Right.

5. Well, till now we were undisciplined with pushing our chairs ad-hoc. Tch. Tch.
Now, I can only slide my chair; under my table, horizontally across-outside my cubicle, or, just lift it and take it out of the cube. So, that's some chair-discipline for you.

6. That's all I can scrape my brains for.

So, I was looking for some humor on cubicles, to cheer myself up;
I couldn't resist putting this one up... Quite apt I would say :)


sundeep said...

Good one !!!!!!!
Indeed interesting to read.. I can imagine your situation, and can only sympathize :(

Anyway as mentioned u or others can always be a Laptop (one on anothers lap) now ;-)

Makk said...


Nice one. Keep banging..err.. i mean blogging.:)

Abu S said...

LOL...for me it happened long back, on the 1st working day of the new year itself...but anyway it has turned out to be a boon in disguise, I'm sitting just diagonally opposite to our SM (who greets me everyday with a smiling face) and happens to be off to some phonebooth/conference/meeting room most of the times... my immediate neighbor works from another office and visits her cubicle once in a fortnight only...so enjoying the whole space (including the SM's cube) ;-)

Dee said...

@Sundeep; I swear.. You'd fear that two people if they turn around just in time might end up in a liplock!
@Makk; AHEM. Yup.
@Abu S; Why do I feel I envy you. though we're in the similar situation. I guess its finally a state of mind .. :\