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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why does my head hurt!

Today I woke up to a headache. Ugh. I hate such days.
But then post - three cups of tea, one gallon of Balm smearing on head (which is rightly named the Axe Oil) and two more hours of thoughtless sleep on the bed lying like a piece of crumbled paper; I was a new person.

As I said that I've taken on book reading by its neck, I'm at The Da Vince Code right now. Yea, yeah.. I know many of you have read that book like trillion years ago. But then, everyone has his/her time destined. So, now is mine. :)
There is no denying the fact that book reading, whoever boring it may sound to a third eye (excluding me and book) is an eye opener for ALL. Even for know-it-all people, like me! (A sorry humor I agree).

So, getting down to what I learnt from Mr. Dan Brown of The Da Vinci Code. (OMG, here comes the list!) I don't even know where to start because through out the novel I had my mouth open and eyebrows twisted in all angles, in pure bewilderment.

So this list is but of course for the select False-Know-It-All people like me so the other learned people may bear with it) :o)

1. The whole of 489 pages is the story of ONE NIGHT. So imagine the pace of the novel and the sleepless nights that I spent wanting to know what happened next on THAT night!

2. Now I FINALLY know whats the whole fuss about Swiss bank accounts! Jeez. I used to really it was a Bollywood-run-of-the-mill cliche that every villain would transfer all the evil-black-money to his Swiss account! But... BUT.. that's because, Swiss banks have their world wide reputation for providing ABSOLUTE anonymity to the account holder. To the extent, they won't even know your IDENTITY! Now there, now it makes MUCH more sense why villains love the Swiss. I thank Mr. Dan to enlighten me on this one.

3. Good Lord, the dissection of the paintings of Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. I actually spent a LOT of time revising the content and telling people about it. Its just unbelievable that the world out there knows all about it and I'd never known! Feel like an illiterate. The fact that Mona Lisa might just be the painting of Leonardo da Vinci himself wearing women's wear! Or, the fact that Mona Lisa's name originates from Amon-Lisa uniting the Male and Female Gods' names and making a point to the fact that Mona Lisa 's face is androgynous(no offense!) Much more on this at Wiki if you just look up Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

4. Mary Magdalene !!!!! I never knew this name as well. Shame on me. Please DO read about her if you don't want to be left out feeling a dope like me.

5. The Beautiful Symbol of Phi . Now this concept is something which makes Symbology and similar streams of study TOTALLY scientific to a person like me. Basically, Phi=1.618.. The Divine Proportion. Another thing, that's totally Google-Worthy.

6. The Holy Grail concept.

7. Most importantly, The fact that I finished this novel in precisely 6 days. And now I know, why I have that headache every morning. :}


Haddock said...

You must have accosted a lot of puzzle / riddle solving in the process, one of his trade marks in all his books.
I think the lost symbol is better than Da vinchi (and so is the movie)

Dee said...

You bet.. Every line in the novel made me go.. OH HO.. AHAN.. OHHH.. WOW..