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Friday, February 26, 2010

Be Wise.. WEAR IT!

I want people to wear masks ALL THE FRIGGIN' time! Why?
I was a hail n hearty gal last evening till I could hear people snorting away and sneezing at work. And I knew it, I was gonna catch something. :|

It was just today morning when I got up with a croaky throat, I wanted to go out and give away free masks to ALL the people as a measure against bio-hazard. Because the ill ones for sure won't wear it.

Why is it that people who have an infection just wouldn't give a break to themselves and to others; BY STAYING AT HOME! I've seen people hiding the fact that they are ACTUALLY suffering and proving (I really don't know to whom) that they aren't ill. Isn't the magnitude of Indian population harmful enough in its own right that people have to inflict this sadistic germ-weapon on fellow mates.

Phew. Done ranting. On a serious note (which comes out rarely from me, might be due to the overpowering germs within me); I really wish people realize that its OK to wear a mask while they are ill. It doesn't make them The Untouchable. Masks can be really cool. See, Spider Man wears it! Zorro even made his identity out of a mask! Jim Carrey swears by it too. Although I do agree that our regular green mask might not be that cool. Nevertheless, I've come across some cute ones or rather fashionable ones on the net;

Some more at http://inventorspot.com/articles/eight_surgical_masks_survive_swine_flu_style_27297

Now these have gotta make you feel hip about wearing them. Alriie! :)
To all the fellow sick-people, Get well Soon and Don't Sneeze On Others as form of Revenge.

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