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Monday, February 8, 2010

Which one is THE ONE?!

I galloped towards the empty table at the cafeteria as I saw another person swaying towards that table. Finders, Keepers! And I deposited myself on the chair with a thud. I win! :)
Then I continued guarding my loot like a Dog protecting its prized bone; waiting for my gang to join me. I bet I would have snarled too, if challenged. What all hunger makes you do.

Its always the Survival-of-the-fastest in our cafeteria. Almost reminds me of the Musical Chairs, except for the heart-thumping music. You enter the cafeteria and your eagle eyes start surveying the options.

Near the exits; Nah, too noisy.
Near the wash area; Nah, too stinky.
Near the gardens; Either rainy or too sunny.
Near the food stalls; NAHAAA! Unless you wanna be the breeding ground of flies!
Ideal positioning for your hog session has got to be in the middle. Snug and Cozy.

The most baffling situation is if you enter the cafeteria early and all the tables are EMPTY! :O Decision was so much easier when you had to just win that one empty table in the ocean of peers. But, here you are all by yourself.

Its even more fiddly if you have a group of people to settle down for lunch. Each one eyes a different table for some obviously different merits. After strolling through all the empty tables, weighing your options, sometimes even switching tables after settling into them, we declare to our lunch boxes; ATTACK!!
The dance of Silhouettes
The calm and unsuspecting tables in the cafeteria.. Clicked by Me.. :)


Suchitra said...

Lol ! Reminds me of Nisarga, where we had to hover around potential tables hoping for people to finish fast ! Sometimes,I have even given my order before catching an empty table :D

Dee said...

Haha.. I know!
Sometimes I've even given up my table in frustration & pity because the person standing over my head kept drooling. :|