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Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-Day Screams!

This Valentine's Day was one of heart thumping, anxiety, screams and much more...
Not just that... had lots of gore (Ummm...WHAT!?)

Yes..We decided to watch WolfMan!!! :D
So, tons of food and then lot of tummy churning horror to digest the food; I'm sure Prasad's Hands would second that after what my nails did to them.

Visited Juke Box in Koramangala for the Lasagne and Sizzler. I loved the ambiance I would say. It wasn't one of the finest decor but, somehow the Jazz playing there, set the mood. We topped it with Brandied-Apricots-On-Vanilla-Ice-Cream.

Valentine's Day; like Prasad says, isn't a special day. But being honest, to me, its just another excuse to hang out with the person I adore. So, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and may it fill your hearts with love for everyone.

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