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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whats the time! Its FRANKIE time!

Yesterday I got back home early. I was in a real good mood, so I decided to cook something special, maybe Italian, or, Euro. But, as fate had it, I had lots of Atta (wheat dough) and tons of vegetables staring back at me begging for consumption. Bluuurrghh..

Voila! I knew exactly what was the need of the hour! Its gonna be Frankies!

The best thing about vegetables like potatoes, capsicum, carrots and cabbage is; they are so versatile. I just saute'd these chopped veggies in some olive oil and added salt n pepper (and if you got some Aji-No-Moto crystals) and tad bit fresh cream (Melty..In..Your..Mouth..).

I had a few Rotis ready by this time.

I beat two eggs, seasoned with pepper and salt.
Spread out about half an egg's batter on an oiled pan. Drop your Roti flat on it. Basically you're going to get your Egg-Roti stuck together like two lovers. In a minute, you'll be able to remove the egg off the pan. Trust me, it will need a whole lot of will power not to to finish off this ingredient right here. .

So, once you have this outer cover for your Frankie ready, all you gotta do is, spread out the vegetable filling in it. If you got any cheese spread/sandwich spread/pizza spread on you... you can add a dash of it here.

TADA!! Chomp..Chomp..Chomp...

I really wish I could have added the pictures. But, the Frankies were in my tummy by the time this brilliant idea struck me. :| So, here are some Google-d pictures for getting the hang of it.


Suchitra said...

Yummm.. and sinful :o)

Life Is Beautiful!!! :-) said...

expecting a "frankies at desk" mail!!! :-D

Dee said...

@Suchi.. It wasss ;)
@Life is Beautiful.. I will rather have a stall and make some money as well ;)