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Sunday, February 7, 2010

What do you do in solitude.. ;)

The first thing I do as I step into my car is turn on the radio. Second, turn on the A/C.
In fact a good stereo and the A/C were the prime reasons I went through the pains of a car loan and thereby, a new car. But, I must agree, they have changed my life.
My everyday idiosyncrasies due to the traffic, added onto the sweat melting away the last bits of my make-up and the non-existence of a good music system in my older car; convinced me that it was time I bid adieu to it.

While I sit in the car, lost in the radio, looking around with a blank gaze, its amazing to notice the people around while I'm stuck at the red signal or a railway gate or just a Traffic Jam; all of which happen a little too frequently around here.
Every person is sitting inside that safe little cube of their vehicle lost in their own personal bubble. The ones I encounter more often than not ;

1. Some of them are the edgy, anxious drivers; who are holding their clutch, gear and brakes by their life. You cannot break their concentration even by bombing their car.

2. Some are busy picking their nose (EWW!) Its incredible how they imagine that no one is watching them inside their secure 'glass' case. Buddy, have you forgotten you're surrounded by rear view mirrors!

3. Some are busy retouching their make-up or hair-do. I fall into this category
because getting to office is no lesser than a marathon by itself and thus, driving is multi-tasked with these outwardly-minor-personally-MOST-critical chores.

4. Few people are just a small detour to the category 3. They are just double checking the hygiene of their facial organs. Nose, eyes, teeth, tongue. Its comical to see these folks enjoy their little self-sanitation-session or an eye-picking ritual ending with a satisfied smile.

5. The most scandalous and rarely encountered category is the mush-mush couples. You see them once and you keep looking back for more! LOL. ;)

6. The winner of all is the The-Self-Indulgent-Singer category. Believe it or not, a car to yourself is only next to the Bathroom; in being a perfect venue for practicing your vocal chords! Just that, its only a little too side-splitting to watch others do that. Becoz, of course you can't hear them. So, all you get to enjoy is the mime with the person behind the car windows bursting away his veins. In fact, to me, Car is far superior of a venue than the Bathroom, because no one is standing outside the door listening to you and wondering, "Jeez! What a freak!"
In solitude, we're no less than Lata Mangeshkar or Sonu Nigam, aren't we?

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