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Monday, February 1, 2010


The story goes;
This Star Mechanic in the town charges like 500/- as a humble fee for his services. Our lead of the story, lets call him 'Pal' here thinks its outrageous for something as simple as tightening few nuts and bolts!

But one fine morning, our Pal's car starts giving a creak. This is a new car, its just not fair!First day, he ignores it. Second day, he's perturbed. Third, he's trying to diagnose the issue himself. Fourth, he calls a Local Mechanic. The Mechanic comes and tightens few nuts and bolts (like Pal had thought), Tada! charges measly 100/- as fee and scoots. That, wasn't that bad, was it.. thinks Pal.

Next day, the creepy creak is back!! Now, our Pal is really losing it. Its not something you deserve after spending fortune on a new vehicle already!
He refers to other other Local Mechanic, who again tightens up another few bolts over the next few days. But to no avail.

Finally, annoyed and thwarted our Pal reaches the Star Mechanic, camouflaging his notions of distrust & cynicism.

Our Star Mechanic listens to the creak. Disappears under the car with his tools. Leaps back in few minutes and charges his fee of 500/-.
Our Pal isn't satiated, he wants justification of what has been done.
Star Mechanic says its a verbal promise, the creak won't be back!

Our Pal isn't convinced until he drives and VOILA! Its ACTUALLY GONE! But, the Star Mechanic did a minute's job and charged an exponential fee!
Star Mechanic is poised with a content smile and says evenly, "The charges are not for tightening the nuts and bolts, its for tightening the correct nut and bolt".

Now, just replace the Pal here with me with my new A-Star.
And you know what, I still believe this World is a good place, because my Star Mechanic didn't charge me a penny. *<|:)


Suchitra said...

God bless him :)

Naveen Kumar said...

deepti..u got this new car and went ahead gave it in the hands of local mechanics ???
hmmm scarry scarry.. our very own maruti service centers are suppose to be the best in the country. ;)
and yes... congrats on the new car.. njoi ;)

Dee said...

@Suchi; Absolutely!
@Naveen; Hehe.. I wouldn't dare give it to "local" mechanics. The "local" I referred here was for the 'incapable' mechanics at our very own Maruti center !! :D
So my STAR Mechanic was the only one at another Maruti center who could DO IT!!

Netha Hussain said...

Congrats for owning a new car..We have bought a new A star..And it is running perfectly well..Please do not consider giving the repair works to local mechanics..
Keep blogging..

Dee said...

Hey Netha..
Thats wonderful! Congrats to you too!
And nooo.. just like I told Naveen.. above.. I didn't give it to 'local' guy 'literally' ...

sid said...

UM cars in Indiranagar off airport road, are really good blokes, u shld give them a try.

sid said...

Just had a brainwave, u shld ask Prasad to customise ur car with some cool graffiti, it would look awesome ! Advantages of having a black car/canvas and a talented bf.

Dee said...

@Sid: :O Haha.. It issss a nice idea indeed!! :D

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