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Monday, February 1, 2010


With this idiot box revolution called Ekta-Kapoor-Soaps, I love to hate and hate to love the fact that our whole family watches these, without fail.
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Found this DITTO picture on another blog, it says-it-all!

The most astoundingly comical feature of these is their addiction on your already-monotonous-life.
First and foremost, they make you so involved, they almost make you love or hate the character from the core of your heart. The vamp in that soap is your real life foe and the victim, obviously your object of affection.

What is even more astonishing is the fact that we 'loathe' these soaps, we really do. To the extent, we swear that one more episode of that every-facial-expression-repeated-ten-times will make us throw up.
But, next day, we tune in to the same show right on time.

I would be almost on verge of permanently twisting my neck by watching the T.V from one eye and working on laptop from the other.
Mom would be peeping from the kitchen, almost baking her hands on the gas stove.
My Dad would be spread out exhausted on the sofa and still watching it while his eyeballs need to be scooped out and shaken out of slumber.
We all would be shushing each other even when its only the background score roaring on the screen.

After thirty minutes of ironic emotions turning into irritation and then to murderous frustration; we swear in unison we should stop torturing our gray cells beyond this.

I particularly loathe the sitcoms where the male-female leads are parted. I just hate it.
I remember nearly pounding my fists on my couch in annoyance when Fox Mulder and Scully in X-Files would just not end up together. Or, when Ross and Rachel in F.R.I.E.N.D.S would come 'this' close to being a couple and then part their ways.

I would be so exaggeratedly overjoyed when these soaps would come to an end (which trust me, in India happens only once in few decades) just so that the lead couple will live happily ever after. :)

But when I think of it, none of these would exist if they galloped around happily-ever-after in the first episode itself!

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