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Friday, February 19, 2010

Do you know how to Gift!?

Have you got any gifts which you sheepishly hid in the remotest corner of your cupboard to never encounter ever again? Worst case being with the weird-so-not-my-type-apparel gifts; you'll need to wear them and provide an evidence of acceptance to the presenter.. :|

The most arduous task when you receive such gifts is when you gotta over-compensate (like Bridget Jones rightly says) for their flaw by displaying your ecstasy on receiving them by hopping around like a rabbit!

No wonder I could relate so much with Chandeler's reaction in F.R.I.E.N.D.S with the Gold Bracelet of Best Buds inscribed on it. I mean come awwwwwwwn. People should see this and learn something. Really. In case you haven't... I think this episode has a few lessons for life http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDRLQkODrfs

To my disbelief, I have actually KNOWN people who'd gift away their discards, or stuff bought with maybe E.T. in mind! I've myself received stuff which can fit me if I blew up into the size of a blue whale or maybe shruck into a hobbit someday. Wishful thinking.

There's this particularly funny incidence when I received a piece of clothing which I just couldn't decipher. . I tried fitting it on myself in all possible angles and styles, but to no avail. But then spongy part of my heart didn't even let me discard that as well.
For that matter, its the easiest for the kids to express likes/dislikes to the gifts they receive. You give them something they love and they will 1)Make you their favorite aunt/uncle immediately 2) Make that fact world-known 3) Carry it even to the loo until its molecules are falling apart. So is the loyalty for the gifts they like. On the contrary, if its something that wasn't on their list... you can expect apart from their howls of crying and whining...your gift lying in the most disgraceful corner of the house.

The other most common mistake I have realized in Gifting Theory is, people gift others what they love themselves! I cannot deduce any sort of logic to this. Why!? Whyy!? Just because you might love a bold floral dress doesn't mean others will fall in love with it in first sight. But, I confess having done this deed myself. As a teen, I'd gift my elder sister a few things which I knew were outright not-her-type; but definitely My Type! So, the minute she discarded them, I did her a favor and inherited it. ;)

All said and done, I think a Gift is a gesture ( supposed to be thoughtful one as well) or a surprise. And an unopened gift is just not right, like a half-eaten cake. But, its what lies inside is what matters. Not the material, not the packaging, not the cost, but the thought behind it.

LOL..The word Gift ALWAYS reminds me of the The Gift of The Magi. Borrowing a little something from someone's hilarious works!

Gift with love and get gifted with love.

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