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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Arrrrggh! Indian-Scorchy-Summers are here! :S

I realized its here when I had just deposited myself on the car seat and my kajal was already melting down my cheek. I can feel my skin begging for mercy while I walk towards the shade. Gaaaa....I hate this scorching sun. I really really do.

Its that time when you get up in the morning and suddenly the ceiling fan seems implausibly slow, the blanket seems far too thick and the bed feels like an oven on which you're being roasted. To make matters worse, the morning tea feels like hot lava being poured down your throat. But, must drink tea. Addiction-bound. :|

Nevertheless, I thank God that I'm in Bangalore and not being subject to pure human torture unlike Delhi-'tes. I remember when I would visit my parents in Delhi for a few days in the summers, I would be walking around with a wet towel wrapped on my head. I can practically imagine it emitting vapors. Jeez..

And in this situation, NOTHING helps. You only end up drinking gallons of fluids, ending up like an elastic water bottle, squishy-squashy. And it all comes out as sweat. That's it.

I think I'm gonna make some cold juices at home and drown myself in them. According to me, the mention-worthy life savers are;
1. Butter milk ; Whipped curd mixed with chilled water and maybe spiced a little with salt, roasted mustard, ground ginger and curry leaves. Or, the sweeter version with just sugar.

2. Lemon Juice with Mint leaves ; Trust me the mint leaves are a bliss. :)

3. Mango Panna ; This is the yummiest thing made on earth for Indian Summers. You get this ready made in markets nowadays to be added to chilled water. I remember Mom making an ocean of this at home and feeding us all summer long. Brings down your body temperature to humanly degrees and is appetizing as well! :D

So, stick to whites, eat light and drench away your summers in these drinks!! \m/

Exotic Stirrer

Care for a drink..

Clicked by Me.. At Take FIVE.. :)


Shank said...

Did you never notice me behind the bar at Take 5!! The drinks that you took pictures of.....were most lily manufactured by yours truly!!!

Dee said...

Ohhhhhhhh REELLY! Woah.. So cool.. Dint know that.. Will SURELY notice next time.. :))
Hey Hey do you do this.. :D :D


Its soooooooo COOOOL! :D

Shank said...

No I am not into flair. I know this vedio.. these guys are the prestwich folks...btw..do check out my booze blog ...www.cocktailnirvana.blogspot.com

Dee said...

hey i DID check that out before you mentioned but and left a comment saying that there is no way of Following it?! Leme know.. :)