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Saturday, February 20, 2010

OUCH! That hurt!

Mmm. Balmy Sunday Morning.
After a major upheavel of brain Vs. body I dragged myself to brew the morning cuppa of Earl Grey. Yawning all the way through, collected the paper from outside. Its something about Sunday air that makes you a slug.

My ears buzzed. That's when I recollected that my second ear piercing which I'd forcefully re-activated yesterday wasn't gonna take it easy. The thing is, it was about ten whole years ago, when I got into the piercing frenzy and finally convinced my ever-supportive dad (and proved myself as non-hippie) to get second shots on my ears. Many years ahead, the fashion-victim me had got bored of it and decided to close them. Now, a few more years ahead, I regretted doing that. A De-ja-vu of piercing scenario was unthinkable when I remembered the agony of gun shots on my tender earlobes and the following miserable weeks of a bee-stung look-alike face. So, yesterday, in my moments of zeal, I forced in a tiny stud back on! :|

Thus, the buzz.

If your face already twisted listening to that. Beat this. I repeated history when I went ahead with my nose piercing. Yup. But this time there was lesser bloodshed. Or, maybe my pain threshold has risen to that of a buffalo; Because my fickle-minded brain (or, rather short-term-memory-loss-for-pain brain) kept going from closing the piercing to piercing again to piercing different.

Now with all these painstaking embellishments on myself and being an adult woman (or so I like to believe), I think its high time to flash the red signal to my impulsive juvenile brain.

But all whining apart, I think its only sensible to do anything of this sort to yourself if it suits you. I see so many ladies who're forced to get their nose pierced because they were going to be brides(Yeah! Beat that! Why dint they make the groom do that!) Because just like Elizabeth Gilbert said, (rephrasing her to suit my idiom of wisdom :|) all these are permanent like getting a tattoo on your face! So, you gotta be really really sure of it. Once done, you gotta live with it publicly unless, its in a place where public can't see. ;)


Suchitra said...

Well said :)
Gosh, the pic looks so scary !

Dee said...

Bleehehe :D

Dee said...
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