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Friday, January 29, 2010

Wacky Wheels!!

I was walking down the beauty parlour stairs when I missed a step and consequently, a heartbeat.

Zero-gravity has stupefying effects on our bodies. It excites us at the same time as it makes a knot in the tummy. Just like when an elevator comes down real swift or best-of-all, a roll down the Giant Wheel. We dread it yet, love it.

According to me, the Giant Wheel is the reason we go to these carnivals. Don't we?

I remember every time I would grow old waiting in the queues just to get my turn for the Giant Wheel. When I would get on it, I convert into a bio-hazard for people around me. My shrieks can deafen a bat. Even if my neighbours are not panicking, my screams do make them hyperventilate.

I myself, remain in no state to be consoled. The screeches come out involuntarily, you see. Its a record, I scream my throat to soreness.

People have varying reactions to this Zilch-Gravity situation.
1. I see some people laugh. Not just a giggle or chuckle, but a maniac laugh. I feel its just a cover to hide the chattering of their teeth with fear.
2. Some, just go numb. Like one of my friends did. I feared she'd passed out or maybe worse. :|
3. Some people, I confess are not a pretty sight. Post-Giant-Wheel sessions, I remember carefully avoiding the throw-ups decorated on the ground. This is a fiddly task to accomplish, keeping in mind that you've just been whipped out of a centrifuge.
4. Fourth category of people are the ones who just have fun. Invariably, they fall into the above three categories. :)

But my worst fear while boarding the Wheel hasn't been being thrown off catapulted in some freak accident. Its more on the lines of being the target of some one's heave who's above me. (Holy God). That would just be such a wet blanket on the fun. I mean 'literally'. I still wouldn't mind if I was the butt of someone's dangling footwear. But, I can live without any of these.

Despite of all these apprehensions of height and centrifugal motions, we all love these Giant Swings. So much so, that I remember when I went to this fete in China. I was shaking even while purchasing the ticket. I was screaming already by the time they strapped us into the seat. I was going berserk by the time the motor buzzed in the wacky wheel. This was supposed to take us high and drop us down in...Zero-Gravity(OMG! OMG! OMG!). It went up gradually and I think I had lost my vocal chords by then and my friends, their ear drums.

After all the screaming and crying and rampaging, the dim-witted wheel came down with a plop and we were asked to get off!!


Suchitra said...

I lovvved that ride !!!
I had this friend who laughed like a maniac while bungee jumping and another friend who went totally numb ( and red ) and closed her eyes tight.. it was so scary !! :D ofcourse i didnt have the courage to jump after that..

Dee said...

Haha..I know.. I almost tried Bungee jump once but people's reactions are what made me decide otherwise :|

Suchitra said...

Same here.. 5 of us went to jump and only 2 did and one laughed hysterically and the one went totally silent and red ! Gosh !