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Monday, January 25, 2010

Wedding Woes a.k.a Vows ;)

My sister was sent off in a beautiful ceremony which was an absolute concoction of Gujrati, Punjabi and Mallu traditions.

She was adorned with Mehendi (Henna) in a strenous but memorable ceremony..

She wore the beautiful punjabi chuda.. The red and white handful of bangles. They signify love but more simply put, the marital status of a woman. :)

The ceremonies commenced at only five in the morning that day. My ear-to-ear yawns were intervened by the smudging of holy kumkum and turmeric on our faces. The red kumkum was supposed to be very pure. So pure, that it did not come off my sister's face until the next day. In order to cover up that redness, her face was painted with multiple layers of make-up; which again didn't come off for another day.

Her wedding saree was gorgeous, hand-picked, traditional-Gujrati. It only weighed about 10 kgs. 10 kgs multiplied by 8 hours, you can do the calculation of her weight-lifting skills for her wedding championship.

It was foodie-heaven for the last two weeks. But when you have the backing of sweat, two weeks of erractic sleep pattern, sentimental emotional spikes and make-up beads dropping from forehead; you are no foodie anymore.

We sent her off (Bidaai) at around 12 in the night that day. I knew we'd all have a headache later with all that weeping. But we wept. After all, we were sending off our doting first born of the family. I slipped in a Crocin for my sister in her bag as well. I know her.

Mom Dad and I didn't sleep the whole night. I don't know if we were emotional or just way too exhausted to slip into slumber. All of us spent the next day in a woozy state; cleaning up the mess, luggage, flowers, dresses etc. Yeah, I agree, we were msising her already.

We had a party for the newly-weds the next day. My sister and Jiju (Bro-in-law) arrived. She looked happy. Mom Dad looked happy. Finally, that night; I slept...with a smile.

Wish them both a blessed married life.

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