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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chetan Vs Aamir

I slammed down the newspaper and sipped on my tea.

Now come on people, this is crazy. I have two of my favorite public figures whom I happen to like for once and they are fighting like five year olds!

I've made it quite clear that I've never been the book reading types. But since a few months, I've been showing signs of aging, i.e. expressing interest in good things in life, appreciating peace of mind and stopping by to smell the roses etc.

I've been picking up books; to READ FOR PLEASURE. :)

Chetan Bhagat happens to be one of my favorites, cause I can relate to him. Rather, its like he can relate to me! He's so casual yet fast-paced in his books, just the way I would like to tell a tale. To the extent of astonishment, I've read all his books (W.O.W!)
(Psst...I love his wife.)

I adore his book Five Point Someone (F.P.S) so much that I was eagerly waiting for the movie Three Idiots to release.

The minute I saw the first promo, I knew they had twisted the tale. That's bound to happen when a book is adapted. Also, a major reason is; the main character of the book does get the heroine but he's definitely not the most coolest dude around. In fact, the role Madhavan plays in the movie is the one who is the creative, cool, non-heroine-achiever and unconventional bugger.

I've gotta tell you that Aamir's name in the movie, Rancho definitely reminds me of Rancho the Monkey in Raja and Rancho, that Doordarshan sitcom. Eeeks!

Now, when the director of Three Idiots claims that the movie is ORIGINAL and asked the reporters to Shut Up! ; I would like to state the following;

1. Duh.
2. The same story of the novel COULD'NT have been possibly used as Aamir being the STAR cannot obviously be the non-macho character.
3. So, Aamir gets the girl as well as gets to be the smart idiot!
4. Thus, please don't say that the movie is original and make me lose all respect for Aamir's work. :\
5. Chetan and Aamir; don't be idiots, patch up. :)

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Raj said...

Indian directors never want to give credit to the original source.

I remember David Dhawan trying to convience that his "Partner" was very different from Will Smith's "Hitch". People who have watched both the movies know what is the truth.

Obviously, you cant pick up a book, and page-by-page copy it and make a movie out of it.

The changes in 3 idiots were anyway necessary to make it a commercial masala movie. I remember reading so many "jokes" that appear in the movie as email forwards from my friends.

Frankly speaking, the movie title should have been "One Idiot", because Sharman and Madhavan were far from being called idiots.

Never-the-less, a superhit movie for a "never heard before" story and punches, and outstanding performances.