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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Has any hair-stylist ever told you, "Your hair is Great!"

No, right?
Thats the norm. You go to the hair-stylist and they gracefully RUIN your any strand of confidence on the beauty of your split-ended tresses (whatever little you may have).
They tell you how bad you've kept them.
They advise what you should do in order to look like Priyanka Chopra.
If your hair is dry, they make you see it as coir. If its oily, you might as well accept and apologize in your defense. And God forbid, if you got dandruff, get ready for the detailed analysis by the entire beauty saloon staff on every specimen from your head.
They unconsciously chuck the menu card showing all massages, hair treatments available in their parlour. Honest mistake.
They surely put HIGHLY fragnant substances in your hair that makes you go.. Mmmmmmmmmmm.. whats THAT?!!
"Oh, this?... trust me, your hair NEEDS this. Its just 1000/-, but totally worth it, especially for YOUR hair".

I got my annual hair cut just a week back. And for once, there was an exception! He did not "tell" me how BAD my hair was. He just ripped my scalp apart and showed me the proof of my weak hair in his hands!!! :O

All said and done, I am pretty pleased with the end product of my 900/-. The following few days of Wows and O-My's compensate that harassment I face in the parlour and move on, only to brace myself for the next year.


Casey said...

hahahahaha :D Liked your post... rang true for most parts. Wen I opt for a haircut, its usually the "Chop it really short" kinda thing. Sm of these places kinda do a snip here a snip there and do a whole "idunnowht" session - and lo! and behold ur hair looks awesome - U are ready to kiss your hair but you are actually kissing the money in ur purse goodbye :D

Dee said...

LOL.. Very true.. its the same story everywhere you know.
Except for guys I guess.. mostly barber shops here.. who are js busy battering the life out of customers.. on the name of "FACIAL MASSAGE". I would really want to record one someday and put it up on tube. :)

Insignia said...

Hehehehe...Good one. I witnessed the same a couple of months back. A friend of mine went for deep conditioning. After all the "Oh what bad shape your hair is" and all that from the hair stylist, she was coaxed to to buy a small bottle of deep conditioner for a bomb of money!! Poor thing.

Dee said...

True.. Hehe. We all have been through that phase.
I even have a friend who has a collection of things she has never wanted or used. They were just SUPPOSED to make her look Oh-la-la..as they hair-stylist said.

nishitak said...

good post...now I know that I am not the only one. If someone like you who has good hair can get these comments from hairstylists, then I can be free and ignore all the advice :D