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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yesterday night was FUN. Period.
Was one of my and Prasad's friend's wedding party. More of a cocktail party.
Now, what is that I look forward to, in a punjabi household's cocktail party!? :)

Not the drinks. Not the food. The DANCE FLOOR!
From the time I got my stability on heels, nothing gives me a high like dancing on highs. Its just altogether a different dimension of emotions.

I remember as a high-school kid, how I would torture my parents until midnight when we would happen to be at a party-with-a-dance-floor. I was insatiable. I still am.
Funny thing is, after I get moving, I won't do anything else. No talk. No food. No drink. Only one focus-Dance.

My outwardly composed image is totally crackled when same people happen to watch me on the dance floor. Like Prasad said, I literally slam-dunk on the dance floor! Lol.

Dance is such an expression of one-self that you can almost get to know people through it. Over the years, I have discovered my own interpretations of these.
1. Who just wouldn't budge; They clearly are not fond of it you see. Leave them alone.
2. The shy no-hands, no-legs person, they are being a good sport and participating. Encourage them.
3. The funny-moves person, They might not 'love' dancing as to say. But, they ARE expressive. They are fun to dance with. They bring out the no-barrier-dancer in you.
4. The all-hands, all-legs person, Ok, LOVE dancing. But, rule of dance-floor according to me; you dance and let dance. Not that one swing of your hip sends five people swaying off the floor. You gotta keep your moves to yourself buddies.
5. The lip-sync-ing dancers; They love music. They know music. They are just enjoying the music so much that the coconut-tree-swaying moves are just a residual action of their harmony.
6. The DANCER; now I would love to categorize myself in this. But then, I always keep coming across other dancers who make me wanna dance. Like every party has an elderly lady, who defies her age and makes everyone gape. Like one uncle, who'll hop into action when he hears one of his old favorites. These are the people I call and admire as Dancers.

Spontaneous, expressive and in love with this union of body & soul.


gopalakk said...

I am most definitely person #5. Love the Music. Totally useless when it comes to dance. :-) I can relate to the coconut-tree-swaying.

Dee said...

Haha.. oh yes Karthi. I can TOTALLY imagine you in the coconut-tree-swaying. :)