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Thursday, April 30, 2009


I was done with my tiffin-making ritual in the morning and started to proceed with the breakfast. Amidst all the things, I remembered that yesterday's Milk was still sitting in the fridge. "Shoot! I had forgotten to boil it."
I sprinted to the refrigerator and got the semi-solid milk packets and with a swish of the knife poured it right into the bowl and onto the stove.

Mornings are always pretty much like this. No time to stop-by-smell-the-roses-kinds.
Mornings mean BUSINESS.

I peeped into the milk, not yet boiled.
I got down to my breakfast. Gobbled it down.
Sprang again to the stove, No WAY! Not Today! The milk looked like its gonna split.

My brother and maid started their commentary.
"You should boil it same day"
"Make paneer out of it"
"I think its fine, lets just make tea out of it"

I just stared at the milk.. only one word stuck into my ears.. PANEER :)

Alright! I calmly got two huge lemons, squeezed them and stirred the milk.
Ummm. No change (?) I got another one. And another. NO CHANGE (?)
I started doubting the citric properties of this era's lemons..times have changed, quality goes down..etc. All thoughts crossed my head as I continued squeezing in more lemons.

After an hour of;
1. boiling
2. re-boiling
3. stirring
4. staring
5. four lemons
6. 1 bowl of vinegar
7. 1 bowl of curd

...the milk-like-concoction stared back at me. No Paneer yet. :|
I continued whining and wondering what went wrong!
Finally, when the clock struck nine, I gave up.
Now, I write this post, hoping that when I return, some fresh homemade cheese will welcome me near the stove.


Kertz said...

...and what welcomed you?

Dee said...

No paneer :(
It was in no state to be consumed or even smelt.. :| Some days things JUST DON"T WORK OUT.

Kertz said...

yeah, but you didn't have to blame poor lemons :P

Dee said...

Hehe.. I know.. But...I am only a human :o(