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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

College Reunion..

I got the news that college is going to have a reunion this saturday.

First thought was, Man! Its been four years since I graduated.
Second, Who all will come!?
Third, Who cares, no one even lives in Bangalore anymore.
Fourth, What if...some known friends, familiar teachers, those house-keeping maids who saw us everyday..were they still there?

Life has fast forwarded at such a pace that its hard to digest that its been so long I have not seen my college.

Reunions have this funny feeling about them. Its like a suspense which unfolds as every person walks in after a year of work/play/hard work/uselessness/prosperity/illness/forgein tour/local traffic blows etc. And its only natural for us to Judge.

I went for my first college reunion. It was practically like coming back from a summer vacation. We were all still fresh faces. But, now, its been three years. Would I want to see those people again? Yes. Would I want to go through the trouble of finding out if even a single person I knew is coming? No.

No matter how much we vouch for meeting up every weekend or every month or every birthday. Working life really changes a lot of things for every individual. You find new friends, new relationships, new responsibilities. Things change. Maybe, people don't.

Also, the fact that "World is small". I don't think so. I have friends living few lanes across whom I have never bumped into! But yea, I have bumped into friends across the globe. So, like any other theorem, this one also has its own flaws.

Like always, I was surfing for reunion pics and the one that got my smiling;

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