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Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm the Gizmo Chick..

Yeah.. For the first time in my life, I own a super cool gadget. Its a gift :)
This twenty fifth birthday of mine, I received an iPod Touch. After all the Yipee-Yiye-Yays and emotional bouts and overcoming the excitment; now I have started to explore this little skinny bugger.

I started off with flaunting the iBeer application which I found supaaa cool for a beginner. It fills in your beer and as you tilt while gulping down the level reduces till its Bottoms-up! And followed by a SATISFIED burp. Lol.

Next was the iBowl. I always sucked at bowling but this has given me some hope.

A week later, I have had a sprain in my shoulder; from the iBasketBall. A sprain in my wrist from the Darts. But, I AM LOVING it.

I have loved driving since the day I was authorized to do so. The Fastlane Lite app. in this coolio has made me the racer I can never be in the Bangalore roads ;)

I have nick named it Pod. :D

I transferred all my 1500 odd songs from my comp to Pod. The shutterbug in me couldnt resist putting in all the fav pics as well. I just love stretching the images in and out, bravo to the designers!

Overall, I have loved the entire experience of being a cool gizmo girl for once. Its good to show off once in a while ....what say! :D


VISHAL said...

If you want to give some more publicity to you i pod touch, better put a different pic.. in this pic you just outshine your i pod :)

Dee said...

Its not for publicity. Its what all I discovered. Unless......
there are some prizes for the publicity. :)