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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Late-Night-Stunt

Knowing me, you'd be thinking what was ‘I’ doing at a Metal Music Show. But, for a matter of fact, I have built a taste for this genre of music over time. It could be because of Prasad's devotion to this or, perhaps the reiteration of those wavelengths on my ears from last few years.

I went to Chitrakala Parishad (CKP) this Sunday. The show was organized here.
Firstly, hats off to the all day long dedication with which the organizers hold these events. I refuse to step out in the sun even to go to my neighbor's house.

I reached the venue when a band was already on stage. I felt the thump under my heels. Yes, I might have been the ONLY girl wearing heels to this venue (to be honest, it was a spontaneous plan and lets just say I din't ‘intentionally’ plan to be a specimen at the show).

Prasad has always been encouraging me to grow at my photography skills and strive at getting better and better. He had insisted to get the camera along. I did.
I saw the crowd head banging next to the stage and silently decided to stand near the tree safely on my 3-inch-highs. For the first few tracks, Prasad went ahead and clicked the pics. I kept watching him more than the bands. This continued for a while until the hopeful photographer in me gathered guts to go ahead and start shooting myself.

It was quite dark and night-photography has always been challenging yet most intriguing. After having few people falling on me here and there, few tossing their hair on me and few toppling over me while I sat close to the stage; I made it. I got some eight hundred odd pics. Most of them were beautiful.

Got back home and immediately sat down to evaluate my work. By the time I had retained around 500 clear pictures, the clock struck two. There you go again, I leapt on my bed thinking tomorrow I will regret this late-night-stunt.

But, guess what, I did not repent it at all!

Seeing people love my work and wanting more of it, was TOTALLY worth the insomnia!


Thanks Prasad.


Suchitra said...

Really nice pics ! Keep up the good work :)

Dee said...

Hey thanks Suchi :D