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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chemical formula resulting sleep..

What is it about sun and sand.. that lures every living being?
Its almost unavoidable to go drowsy on the sand. I'm sure if you do a research there'll be some chemistry to this.

(Picture only for representation purpose)
I witness it every day, on my way to office. Dogs sleeping cozy on pile of sand, in the soothing morning sun and breeze.

There's almost always the same dog at the top of the heap, few others dig in and make themselves comfortable.
Sucha warm soft feeling to see them enjoy that moment. Especially, when you're sleep deprived.
Its silly, but I actually end up envying them.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm... :)



I have seen your art work and contents of your blog. I like it. Here is a review article written by me, about a painting done by an American woman. I hope you would like to look at it.

Dee said...

Thanks for your feedback. Its always welcome.
I read your article. Its really heartening to see a good cause being taken up seriously by people. It always instills hope in anyone who comes across it. :)