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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Seven-Step Eggplant Crispies

Sundays are Naughty-Chef-Time!
I love to make others indulge in untimely snacks and pamper them to a guilty glutton. That is what Sundays are FOR.

Today I made Eggplant-Crispies. I do wish I coin a fancier name for them. But, I will just let the taste speak for itself. Coming down to business:

1. Wash and cut the Big Eggplant (The ones we usually use for Baigan ka Bharta).

2. Make a mix of Flour (All-purpose-regular Atta), Salt, Red chilli, Dhanya powder (Coriander). Toss the eggplant pieces on this as shown below.

3. Heat a non-stick pan, grease it a little and toss these pieces on the pan on low flame. (Note; its OK to add a little extra grease for the crispi-ness ;) , we don't do this everyday! )

4. Toss the sides and let the pieces cook on low heat for a while.

5. In precisely 10-15 mins, your one lot of crispies will be ready. Squeeze fresh lime on it.

6. Sprinkle a tad-bit Chaat Masala. You may avoid this if you've used a lot of spice in your powder-mix already.

7. That's Eggplant Crispies for you.
Serve. Slurp. Eat. Burp.


nishitak said...

sounds really yummy ! nice recipe :)

ಆನಂದ ಗಂಜೀಹಾಳ said...

I have been following your blogs over a period...just felt that, you have that ability to write even smaller events in a good way. Thats really good :)

Suchitra said...

Cant wait to try this out !! :D

Dee said...

Nishitak and Suchi; Thanks! Do try it out, easy to make and trust me, you'll love it.

Anand; Thanks a lot! Feedback is always encouraging.

Casey said...

Wht a co-incidence!! I was introduced to this dish by my foodie hubby :D Of course, I do not like eggplants and so we use potatoes instead. It is indeed amazingly yummy :D

Dee said...

Hey wow Casey.. Thats quite some coincidence. :)
Yeah.. this one can be made with potatoes as WELL as cottage cheese (paneer) ;o) .. thts my fav..

Chriz said...

i tried this.. and compared it with the ones shown in ur blog...

the color of the ones that i made were pitch black.. and i dunno where i went rong..

Dee said...

Oops Chriz...!

The thing is that you need to cook these on low flame.. because the flour we put is dry and will get burnt easily. So if you did that, I suppose they should be just fine.

Plus, toss them every now and then so, you'll know when they are just ready. :)